Tiddely Poms for 2011

If you want to make a song more hummy, add a few tiddely poms.
      ~ Winnie the Pooh

Every year I choose a word or phrase to be my motto for the coming year. Last year it was "Vigor and Vim in 2010." Well, shoot, 2010 was more vigorous than I had in mind. (We had a crazy-big move and started and relocated to new jobs. Gracious, that was exhausting.) So, this year, I thought I'd choose a slightly less ambitious motto, one of just gentle, simple joys rounded out with a fair measure of silliness. Tiddely Pom – just makes you giggle.

Another Catered Crop tradition is my annual review of some of my favorite projects. If you click on any of the pictures, it will take you to the original post for all the details.

January 2010 – Mo's Boughs for the Wreath. I was just learning how to use Copic Markers, but I love how sentimental Mo Manning's image is and how my paper pine cones came out.

2010 01 09_0259

February 2010 – Grandma's Bliss – Another Mo Manning image that won me a spot as the first guest designer of Mo's Digital Challenge blog. I think I danced about as happily as this Grandma.


March 2010 – For Goodness Sakes – In the Basket. I finally realized a dream of weaving a basket.


April 2010 – Oh Baby, Animal Magnetism. It's a simple card, but ingenious. The flat-back marble magnets attach and detach from the card. Oh, I'm so clever. This card won me an invitation to the DeNami Designs design team, but the timing just wasn't right.


May 2010 – You Are My World.  I made this for my Caitlin right before she moved to Costa Rica, so I'm pretty sentimental about it.


June 2010 – Pillow and the Peepster. June was all about moving from Austin to Waco – a crazy big move for us. But, I did manage to make this tribute to our canoe adventures.


Shew . . . that's enough for now, huh? More Tiddely Poms to come in the sequel, "Another Dose of Tiddely Poms."



Sweet Comments

  1. Gorgeous cards!

    Your blog is beautiful, projects are absolutely fantastic!

  2. Loved that Grandma and granddaughter dancing image. Who is it by? Reminds me of my buddy grandma!


  1. […] want to be. Every year I pick a word or phrase to be my motto for the year. Last year it was "tiddely poms" – which was a great motto. This year, It took me a while, but I decided my mantra for […]

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    Tiddely Poms for 2011 | Catered Crop

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