New Friends

Yes'm, old friends is always best,
'less you can catch a new one that's fit to make an old one out of. 
        ~Sarah Orne Jewett

A lot of new folks have meandered over here to Catered Crop in the past couple of weeks, and I just want to say Howdy! I'm so glad you're here.

If you're here from the Splitcoast Stampers thread, Favorite: The Best of 2010, let me tell you how surprised, humbled, honored, and just plain tickled I am to be included with such mega-super-duper stars.

Blog BadgeTo all you folks from the Feline Playful "Give a Comment, Receive a Comment," I just gotta tell you, this has been more fun than I ever anticipated. Your crafts are so amazing; every click is an adventure. I'm super stoked that I get to hang out with you all – 2011 is gonna be a blast!

If you love challenges as much as I do (and it looks like most of you from Feline Playful do), I hope you'll check out the Catered Crop Recipe Challenge. The current challenge, FTR2, closes on Thursday at 8:00 PM, so it's not too late. Become a Facebook Fan of the Catered Crop and you'll always have the latest scoop.

I'm #64 in the Feline Playful group, so if you're looking for the next hop for 01/04/11, it's #74, Lisa Oliver. (She's a big supporter of Operation Write Home – I love her already!)



Sweet Comments

  1. Hi,
    Just popping over from Feline Playful….Lovely blog…Have become a follower…See you again soon..
    Mandy xx

  2. I am now following from Feline PLayful and looking forward to seeing your creations
    Happy New Year

  3. Wonderful site, Linda with beautiful cards!  I stopped by from Feline Playful and am now a follower.  Happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful cards!
    I'm your new friend from FP too and signed your follower as well,
    see you soon;-))m

  5. I have come from feline playful also!!! It's been great fun so far visiting super talented crafters!!! You are no exception!! Your cards are gorgeous!!! I look forward to seeing more in 2011!!

  6. your creations are beautiful, i have found your blog through feline playful! All your cards are lovely.  I have become a follower so i can see what crafty ideas you have in 2011!! xx

  7. I came over from FP and have become a follower. I have also added you to my challenge schedule on my sidebar.

    Happy Crafting in 2011!

  8. I'm here via Feline Playful & am a new follower. Lovely blog. Happy Crafting 2011.

  9. Hi Linda – Wow!! Heat a wonderful blog!  I love how easy and nice it is here to leave a comment and also see your wonderful creativity!!  I'm happy to be a new follower of your blog and look forward to coming back more!!!

    I also love challenges and have bookmarked the challenge blog too!
    Sounds like fun and I'm glad I found you, thanks to Feline Playful!!

  10. Popped in from Feline Playful to say hi and become your follower. Had a look at some of your cards, they are really beautiful. Looking forward to seeing future creations. Hugs lin

  11. Hi Linda,
    I'm a Feline follower too :)
    Loved looking around on your blog !

  12. What wonderful works of art you have to share here on your blog! 
    I too have come to meet & greet you from Feline Playful!  Your blog is awesome and I can't wait to see more of your creations!  Oh yea, I am now a follower too!

  13. A lot of great cards here on your blog!!!
    Glad I found it thru Feline P!! Happy crafting.

  14. Your creations are really nice! I came via Feline Playful. I am a follower now :)

  15. I found your blog from feline Playful. Wonderful projects! You have a new follower :o)

  16. I'm over from Feline Playful and I see that you really have a lot going on.  Your cards are fantastic!  Hugs, dj

  17. found your blog on feline playful.  your cards are so pretty.

  18. Your blog is amazing; arrived here from Feline Playful.

  19. Hi Linda! Visiting you from feline ..I hope to join you in a  recipe challenge soon!

  20. who woulda thought up such a good idea..looking forward to following you!
    found you thro' Feline playful.I am now a Feline follower!
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs xx

  21. Lovely blog. arrived through Feline Friends.
    hugs Tessa

  22. Love your site and your challenge. I'll add Catered Crop to the Feline Playful list of sites.
    Your Feline Playful friend, Shelley

  23. Hi Linda.  Your cards are simply delightful.  Saw some images from Mo Manning  – just found her the other day and ordered a bunch.  I'm another new friend and follower from the Feline Playful event.  I'll be looking forward to visiting again soon to see what's coming next.  Happy New Year!!

  24. Nice blog header.  I'm here on the Feline Playful blog hop.  Happy New Year!

  25. Hi Linda! your work is gorgeous! just visiting you from Feline playful and have become a follower too :) Gemma x

  26. Hi!  I am visiting from the Feline Playful give a comment – receive a comment event.  I am now a follower!  I wish you a Happy New Year filled with lots of crafting time.

  27. Thanks for playing along with give a comment, receive a comment, become a follower, gain a follower at Feline Playful.  If you haven’t already done so please make sure to take a few moments to follow everyone in return!   I hope you find all sorts of crazy creativity in 2011.  I’m now a follower and will be back soon to check out all your lovely creations.  Hugs, Karen

  28. I am in awe of your talent!  Your cards are amazing!  I am so glad I came to visit your blog from Feline Playful!  I will be coming by to visit often.

  29. I  love your quote on your post today!! Glad to have made another bloggy friend also!!

  30. I came a hoppin from Feline Playful to visit your blog and become a follower. I just adore your unusual quotes. Where did you get them? Do you mind if I use them ocassionally? Your blog is the best! I plan to return soon for a dash of inspiration. My blog is the one just before yours :)  Happy New Year to you and your family.

  31. Yup…I came via Feline! I love your blog and your creations are amazing! I am glad I found my way here!

  32. Happy New Year! I enjoyed looking around your blog.  I found you from through Feline Playful's "Leave a comment-receive a comment".

  33. Helo Linda,
    Have arrived here from the Feline Playful and am now a follower. You have some really fun images on your cards.

  34. Hi there, another new follower from Feline Playful. I've been getting updates on your blog through email for awhile, so I know I'll be back to see more. 

  35. Great cards!  I'm looking forward to getting to know you.  Found you on Karen's blog post "Give a comment, Get a comment".  So I'm making my rounds.  I hope you'll come visit me too.  Happy New year!!
    Hugs – Jen

  36. Hi, I am from Feline Playful, too, and am now a follower. Thanks for the inspiration. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  37. great blog…….became a follower via Feline Playful!… you already said: visiting all blogs is a big adventure!
    xxx Margreet

  38. Have popped over from Feline Playful (sorry, a day late!) and become a follower, will pop back again soon.
    Jenni x

  39. Hi,
    I am from Feline Playful blog.
    I am a new Followers of your blog.
    Your blog is beautiful.
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs Karla

    Hi, I found you through the Feline Playful give a comment and receive a comment, and I am now a follower, see you again soon!

  41. I`m already a follower and have joined a challenge!
    I`m too having a lot of fun with Feline Playful`s idea to give a comment receive a comment!
    and specially I`m amazed with all the talented out there!!

  42. Lovely blog.  So glad to have found you through Feline Playful.  Happy New Year!
    Donna x

  43. Hi there!  Jumping over from Feline to say hello and sign on as a follower!  It is fun meeting so many crafty people and seeing all the talent out there.  Happy creating!  :-) Amy

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