Got Snow? with Mailey and Pillow and a Winner

I was just thinking, if it is really religion with these nudist colonies,
they sure must turn atheists in the wintertime. 
        ~Will Rogers


Lisa Cook submitted this beautiful card to our challenge that ended on Thursday. And, now, according to, she's won three digital stamps from The Stamp Boutique. Congratulations and have fun, Lisa, choosing from all those images. Just e-mail me (cateredcrop@gmailcom), and I'll give you the instructions to claim your prizes. Lisa has an amazing, beautiful blog, I can't wait to see what she makes.

Tomorrow we'll announce who "baked it best" and our next recipe. Or, if you just can't stand the wait and want to get a head start, just join the Catered Crop Facebook fan page. There's also a clue about our next Sponsor. Oh my, you're gonna flip.

Meanwhile . . . while we're waiting for the new challenge to kick of tomorrow . . .

Okay, I know you folks up North are thinking we Southerners are silly for get excited about a few inches of snow (we got 2-1/2 inches yesterday!). There's no excuse for us. I grew up with snow in Indiana, and I still get giddy over the white stuff. So, of course, you have to indulge me with a few pictures of the pups. They were hilarious. (If you're viewing from a reader, who may have to click over to the blog to see the slide show.)

At first, they were in crisis – "This stuff is cold, and I just want to lay down to chew my bone." But, after they got a taste of it, we couldn't drag them inside. Yesterday evening, they were so tired, they didn't even stir to guard the floor for crumbs at dinnertime.

Hope you're all staying safe and warm . . .


Sweet Comments

  1. Linda, I enjoyed looking at your photos. I live in NH and we have had snow 3 times each week since the first week of January. This week we recieved at least 15 inces. So our snow is piling up. :) I do not think your silly at all. Enjoy the pretty white snow.

  2. tee-hee, so cute!  We've just gotten ice this year, so I'm glad your doggies got to enjoy some snow!!!  But too tired to clean the floor?  I find that hard to believe!! 😉

  3. Hi Linda,
    Our dog Chester loves the snow too – just rolls and rolls in it!  Sorry I missed the challenge (I'll blame it on the snow).  I did put a link to your challenges on my blog anyway.

  4. ohhhhh I just love your sweet pups!  :)

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