Cupcakes for my Girl

If I’m a type of food, then I want to be a cupcake.
Because then I am cute, petite and delicious!
~ Anonymous

My baby girl’s birthday was today and we celebrated with Cupcakes. I know, she doesn’t look much like a baby girl to you, but she still does to me. Isn’t she gorgeous! And, that’s only the half of it. She’s an amazing woman, my baby girl!

We’ve been celebrating all night and the sugar high is wearing off. So, here’s a sneak peak at my baby’s birthday card. If you don’t like it, it’s baby girl’s fault. She gave very explicit instructions on what her card should be like and minute-by-minute consultations. If you do like it, I’ll take all the credit (or I at least get some credit for sending her to design school).

Puppy Love

Pillow Puppy Love

That’s all you get tonight . . . you’ll have to come back later for more.  Hee hee . . . I love teasing you.



Sweet Comments

  1. Omg Linda!  Dont ya just LOVE daughters (when they are not driving us nuts with worry) so much!???   ha ha!  She is a doll and this card is AWESOME… you knew I would love this rite??   :)

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