Toad-ally for You – Tissue Coozies

Time's fun when you're having flies.
     ~ Kermit the Frog

Toad Sister Kleenex Coozie




Toadie Kleenex Coozie


What can I say, I got carried away with frogs. I love it when I can find something fun to make to go with my paper projects, like these little Tissue Coozies for my Toad on You card. They turned out almost as cute as Kermit himself.


Anna Wight of Sassy & Sweet Notes is one of my favorite bloggers and craft artists. Well, shoot, the woman can do anything: crafts, illustrations, ranching, cooking, sewing. I want to be her when I grow up. Her adorable Kleenex Coozies inspired me to try a few.

Darlings, these are so easy to make – only four seams. And, how fun if you can find fabric and tissues that match! I found this fun frog print at Tomorrow's Quilt in Waco, and the ribbon is Stampin' Up!'s white taffeta ribbon. Anna and I followed Holly Ramer's instructions at her very fun site, Stitch Craft. (I took Anna's lead and cut the outer print 6" by 6" and the inside print 6" by 8" to make the center stripes a little wider.)

These little Coozies were so fun to make, don't be surprised if you see them again.

Frog Tissue Coozie

Frog Tissue Coozie


Sweet Comments

  1. Oh my gosh!  These are so cute!  I'm off to check out the links.  I just got a sewing machine about a month ago and I'm looking for fun little projects.

  2. oh I love them!!! I collect frogs and I would be thrilled to get items like that..I need to show this to friends who sew and beg one one! LOL

  3. Oh, these are beyond adorable! So exciting to see someone making something from my tutorial, and to discover new blogs to explore!

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