Carousel and Ribbons!

Jigger Craigin: [trying to seduce Carrie Pipperidge] Oh, Miss Pipperidge, I'm just crazy fer you!
Why, just to see your lovely smile I'd swim through beer with my mouth closed!

         ~ Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, 1945, from the musical Carousel



Hee, hee, that quote doesn't really have to do with anything other than it's from the musical Carousel, and it's such a great line! And, it's a great excuse for me to tell you about something I'm crazy excited about. Maybe Billy Bigelow wouldn't have gotten fired from the carnival as a carousel barker if he had this to tell you about.



Aren't those pretty? After more than two years, three design changes, three raw material changes, and four different manufacturers, our very own Corinna McGregor is unveiling her ultimate in ribbon storage systems.

Here's how it works. Corinna's Ribbon Carousel© looks and spins like a carousel. It holds up to 96 rolls of 3/8" ribbon with spool sizes up to 4",  but it uses less than a 7" square on your workspace. And if you like to take your ribbons on the road, this puppy weighs less than 4 pounds. Some minimal assembly is required, and sorry guys, but the ribbons are not included.

So, how am I doing? Think I'd make a good carousel barker? I'm sure I've left something out, so just head to where you can get all the goods. And, darlin's, you can grab the golden ring because Corinna gave me a Free Shipping code just for Catered Crop readers: DTBFS.


Sweet Comments

  1. What a fabulous idea.

  2. Oh my golly, thank you soooooo very much for the shout out!! I am super excited and appreciate so much your love and support!  P.S. (Your carousel is shipping today.) 😀

  3. this is an AWESOME idea. will hop over now and check it out :)

  4. cookie lmbriale says:

    I went on the ribbon carousel website and could not find the product.I am very interested in purchasing a couple of the ribbon carousels.Do you know of another website that they might sell it.Thank you

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