FTR11 Top Chef Quickfire

Round up the usual suspects.
    ~ Captain Renault (played by Claude Rains), Casablanca

Catered Crop Top Chef Design Team


How fun that our Catered Crop Follow-the-Recipe #11 (FTR11) Quickfire falls on Mother's Day. Hopefully, you have your feet up, your belly full of the family's breakfast fed to you in bed, and you've got a great start on a day of pampering. Well, we want to pamper you, too, with all the delicious dishes from our Catered Crop Top Chef Designers. Grab a second cup of java, adjust your pillows and enjoy.

Have you joined the party, yet? It's a BYOS party – Bring Your Own Spice – and I'm loving all your spicy and sweet dishes. If you haven't joined us, it's not too late. Maybe our Top Chef Designers can whet your appetite. They've all chosen from Moriah's ingredients and added some of their own spices. Here's our inspiration from Moriah and the recipe we're following for FTR11.

Here's how we play:
  1. Use any of the ingredients (themes, colors, techniques, shapes, etc.) in Moriah's recipe to make your project. Just pick a few ingredients and then add your own spices to cook up something uniquely yours.
  2. Add your project using the InLinz (froggy) button below and join the party.
  3. Keep the party going by clicking on some of the other contestants' entries and leaving a comment or two on their projects.
  4. Be sure to list your recipe or tell us what ingredient you used from the sample recipe.
  5. Don't forget to link back to this post or include the "I Followed the Recipe" button on your blog (see the side bar to the right).

Here's your FTR11 recipe:

  • Pattern Paper – stripes, flourishes, leaves, polka-dots
  • Colors – yellow, green, white, and kraft
  • Stamps and Stickers – flowers/daisies, bicycles, leaves
  • Color Mediums – Brown ink, Tombow and Copic markers
  • Embellishments – ribbon, stickers, glitter/Stickles
  • Tools – die cuts, Bind-It-All
  • Techniques – Make a matching stationery set, embellished notebook and/or matching envelopes
  • Theme – "Just a Note" or all occasion cards

Here's what our Top Chefs and Guest Chef Moriah cooked up with Moriah's recipe. Just click on the pictures to go to the Chef's blog and get all the details.


Peggy March, The Wired Angel
Peggy incorporated Moriah's cheerful yellow and green colors, added some flower/daisies,
some luscious ribbon, and used Moriah's all-occasion theme.
I love how cheerful this card is! It would brighten anyone's day!


Guest Chef Moria MacDonald, Fuzzy Slippers
Moriah said it was tricky using her own creation as an inspiration, but I think she did an amazing job!
I love her bicycle wheels. Moriah used her yellow and green colors (and a few others),
bicycles, brown ink and Copic markers, ribbon, die cuts, and her Bind-it-All to make an embellished notebook.
Her spice was to make it a mini-scrapbook instead of a notebook, and she added some extra joy to her "Just a Note" theme.


Jeanie Witmer, The Spotted Chick
Oh, are those colors luscious and rich? Jeanie used Moriah's stripe patterns;
leaves; yellow, green, white, and Kraft colors, flowers/daisies, Copic markers, ribbon, and all-occasion theme.
If you're a Kraft-y person, check out Jeanie's blog for a three-fer challenge. Fun!


Linda McClain, that's Me!
I used Moriah's polka-dot patterns, Kraft paper, Copic markers, Nestabilities die cuts, and all-occasion theme.



Now it's your turn, Chefs. Remember, someone will be randomly chosen to win a $25 gift certificate from Ribbon Carouse.©  The winning design will be our next featured sample and guest Chef. You have until Thursday, May 12, 8:00 PM CST.  Just add your link below and enter as often as you like. We'll be enjoying all your culinary delights!



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  1. oh my gosh, these are all so GORGEOUS! love them…so fabulous. hugs!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh this looks fun!  I'll definately be checking back here again.  I was curious to see who you were and followed the link from my blog.  Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.  As soon as I'm finished the project I'm working on and then 2 weeks vacation, I'll be back to try one of your challenges.  Have a happy day!

  3. Hi!
    Please don't include me in the prize drawing. Technically I shouldn't even have entered since Ive just been asked to join the team but my card fit and I couldn't help myself. LOL

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