Really, there’s nothing to be afraid of

triskaidekaphobia – noun. Fear or a phobia concerning the number 13. 
     ~ Random House Dictionary

It's a lucky Friday the 13th for . . .


#16 entry from our Catered Crop Follow-the-Recipe #11 entrant, Sue U. Congratulations. 

You won the random drawing for our Catered Crop, Follow-the-Recipe #11, which, my love, means you get to go shopping at the new Ribbon Carousel shop! Have fun with your $25 gift certificate. Be sure to e-mail me ( for the details on how to claim your stamps.

Be sure to come back on Sunday and join the party when we shed some light(house) on the new party challenge.  (That's all I'm sayin').

Good news for all you triskaidekaphobia sufferers. Underwood Dudley, professor emeritus of mathematics at DePauw University in my home state, Indiana, says no more Fridays on the 13th day of the month for 2011. He says three is the most we can have, and we can't have any years with none. I'm glad there are smart people in our world to help us figure this out. Anyway . . . deep sighs, we made it through Friday-the-13th, 2011, and we're good for the rest of year. Ah, I feel better already.


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