Happy Decoration Day

With the tears a Land hath shed
Their graves should ever be green.
        ~ Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Happy Memorial Day everyone, or, as they used to call it, Decoration Day. I loved "Decoration Day" as a kid because it meant driving my Grandma Heaton out to her old homestead to place flowers on our ancestors' graves. I loved that beautiful drive out to the country and especially loved to hear Grandma relive her childhood memories as she pointed out each landmark. I could just picture her walking to and from school and later calling the square dances. If I was really lucky, we came home with a handful of pussy willow blossoms and milkweeds. Grandma would split open a watermelon, and we'd sit on her back steps spitting the seeds out into the yard.  Ah . . . Summer in Greene County Indiana was such a treat!

Okay . . . enough about memory lane, though it sure was sweet and I thank you for the indulgence . . . onto the business at hand.

Congratulations to . . . .

Catered Crop FTR12 Winner

Valerie Florer! Your beautiful Father's Day card for our Catered Crop FTR12 party won you a choice of tutorials/templates from Becky Roberts' Inking Idaho. Just e-mail me (cateredcrop@gmail.com) to claim your prize.


Sweet Comments

  1. What memories you brought back.  We'd help Grama fill the trunk of her car with boquets from her yard, where she grew almost an acre of iris and other flowers.  We always met family members, her cousins and others and we'd spent several hours visiting at a small cemetary our in the country.  That's one of my favorite memories!  Weren't we the luckiest kids alive!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Such a wonderful time, thanks for taking me back.

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