Texas Calls Me Home

A Texan outside of Texas is a foreigner.
       ~ John Steinbeck


Pubic School Flash Cards Home

There's a bumper sticker around town that says, "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could." When we moved here almost 30 years ago, we thought it was just temporary – just a necessity to jump start Mr. Catered Crop's career. But Texas is magical. The Lonestar Pride grabs you by the heart and wraps itself around you until it just becomes a part of you. The music (Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett) , the places (Austin's Zilker Park and South Congress), the food (barbecue and Tex-Mex), every thing in between (bluebonnets and football!), but most especially, the people. I was raised in Indiana, and it still calls my name, but Texas calls me Home.

Now, that said, it took me a while to pony on up to the Texas vernacular. Like . . . the first time someone invited us over to swim in his tank. I kept looking up – expecting to find some above-ground metal thing to swim in. With no "tank" on the horizon, I thought the cowboy was all hat and no cattle. Imagine my surprise when he pointed to the pond.

I was happy as a gopher in soft dirt when I found these Talk Texan flash cards at the Austin Renegade Craft Fair (made by Austin's Public School). And when my wayward daughter came home from Central America last week, a banner of Talk Texan flash cards seemed like a good way to gussie up the place. She probably felt about as welcome as a skunk at a lawn party because, well, I didn't get this finished until after she was already home for two days. Ah well . . . sometimes the engine's running' but ain't nobody drivin'.



Catered Crop Recipe

I love this honeycomb paper by Inky Antics. I used my Nestabilities Classic Heart die cut to cut out the left half of the red heart, which, when opened, became a whole honeycomb-paper heart. Love it! Any shape with a uniform left/right or top/bottom shape will work with this paper. Just draw or stamp one half of your image onto the honeycomb paper pad and cut it out. Don't worry, Inky Antics has lots of tutorials to get you started.

  • Paper – Stampin' Up! Taste of Textiles and Inky Antics Red Honeycomb Paper Pad
  • Fibers – Stampin' Up! Striped Grosgrain and Victoria Lace
  • Tools – Tim Holtz Rosette Die Cut, Nestabilities dies
  • Embellishments – October Afternoon Tin Pins, Design Originals Bottle Caps
  • Miscellaneous – Pubic School's Talk Texan flash cards

Ribbon Carousel Challenge RCC5



I made this for my Caitlin, but also for this week's Ribbon Carousel Challenge (RCC5). The theme was a tough one . . . are you ready . . . anything goes! Yep, whatever makes your wild hair blow! Tie your projects up with a ribbon and come play with us.



Sweet Comments

  1. LOL I was just looking at the tags and the one that says "Might Could". They say that here in North Carolina and I thought it was a distinctly North Carolinian thing to say.  "I used to could play football and if I tried I might could again." LOL Great stuff!

  2. Great job on the project and the cool graphics.  I do understand where you are coming from, but sure do look forward to you coming "Back Home in Indiana", even if it is for a brief spell.    You just missed the Indy 500, and the Colts are in their off season, and it is too soon for you to see Indiana Fall Foliage, but we will try to have some Indiana Sweet Corn waiting for you to enjoy, as well as plunty of hugs and good ole Hoosier Hospitality.

    • Ah, love, we watched nearly all the Indy 500 on the tube. What a race!!! The most excited I can remember in a long time. Can't wait for sweet corn, hugs and Hoosier Hospitality!

  3. Beth Norman says:

    Terrific banner.  I see alot of them but not nearly as nice as yours.

  4. Love your banner! Fabulous! My brother, Chris and his family live in Houston.
    Texas is definately in their blood now, too. Loved reading your "story" on your blog.
    My post today on my blog is in your neck of the woods…a recipe…LOL!! Have a blessed day!

  5. Fabulous!  I love your banner!

  6. Love this!!!  Great embellished medallions!  Love to read your blog posts – you make me laugh!  Welcome home to your daughter!

  7. Love this!  I did want to point out a tiny spelling error that caught this teacher's eye…you meant PUBLIC, right?! 

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