Quality Snuff

Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny.
Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend.
     ~ Lucy Liu

This weekend Daughter Catered Crop (Caitlin) and I ditched the boys and went treasuring hunting. We just wanted to get the inside stink off us (as Dad would say). We hit pay dirt at Center Street Antique Mall in Lorena, Texas, and spent half the afternoon with fun owners John and Karen. I love antique stores that are just floor to ceiling piles of one man's junk begging to become my treasure. Check out some of the fun things we stumbled upon. (These were taken with my smart phone, so please pardon the dark, grainy pictures.)



Okay, I passed on the potty chair, only because Caitlin wouldn't let me have it. I know, hunting antiques makes me an old geezer, but it also makes me feel like a little kid at Grandma's house. I Loved visiting Grandma's! So, yes, we did give a home to a few orphaned antiques.


My favorite finds are usually things I can use in the Crop Crib: salt and pepper shakers for storing glitter (thanks to the suggestion from Jennifer Stewart), a flower frog for displaying paper crafts, a Santa Clause cookie cutter for Jennifer's Vintage Christmas Wreath class next weekend, and canisters and jars for fun storage. The big canister is perfect for storing projects in progress. Yes! Quality Snuff since 1782.



Go check out Caitlin's blog, The Juice, for some of her favorite finds and take home treasures. The only thing better than treasure hunting – reliving those antique days with your daughter. Thanks, Caitlin for the fun day!

After all those fun, vintage, antique, retro finds . . . I was inspired to make a vintage reproduction. 


. . . to be continued.


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  1. Loev!! Will you come visit me in Atlanta and scout out some antique shops for us to visit? It would be SO MUCH FUN shopping with you!

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