Kitchy Christmas in July

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.
     ~ Charles Dickens


Kitchy Santa Bow


No, you haven't stepped into a time warp. Yes, it really is 105 degrees outside (no exaggeration). And yet it's Christmas at Catered Crop! Even better still, it's Kitchy Christmas. 


Oh my goodness gracious gravy with sugar plums! I had so much fun at Jennifer Stewart's Kitchy Vintage Christmas class this weekend. First of all, I've been a huge fan of Jennifer's for years. We've crossed paths but never quite met. It was such a thrill for me to finally meet her in person instead of just over the web waves – I was a little star struck, honestly. Ah, and she's such a sweetie! So fun! I love her embrace-the-art-in-you spirit.


Jennifer showed us how to wrap our wreaths in tulle and make paper La La's, rolled flowers and crepe paper rosettes. She laid out a GOR-jus buffet of vintage Christmas goodies for us to choose from to embellish our wreaths! Oh, be still my heart!


Choosing from all the Christmas chotchkies felt like being back in the old Ben Franklin Five and Dime. It was all I could to to restrain my self and not push everyone out of my way who might come between me and say, a mad, drunk-looking Santa. (Oh, and there were so many fun ladies in the class. Thankfully, no one got hurt.)


Jennifer's vintage Christmas cards reminded me of the ones Grandma Heaton had with chunky silver dime-store glitter. Jennifer showed us an easy way to edge our paper goodies with glitter so I grabbed the most silver, chunky glitter on the table and went to town!


I even brushed a little glitter on Jennifer's miniature Christmas tree. Oh, and Ms. Stewart had a brilliant idea for manufacturing vintage trees out of the doll-house miniature trees from the craft stores. You'll have to get the details from her!


I had so much fun with these crepe paper rosettes. They're perfect backdrops for, say, a big silvery glitter star


Okay, I may have gotten a little carried away – blame it on the Texas heat. Here's my final, kitchy, chotchy, Christmas wreath. Shield your eyes!


Every time I get this off the shelf Pillow Pup hears the jingle bells and goes a little crazy. Oh dear! But she's right, it is crazy, crazy fun. Thanks Jennifer!


Sweet Comments

  1. hi Linda- Sounds like much fun even in the heat! :) Love this sweet wreath!

  2. Linda,
    You are the sweetest! Wow, what a wonderful post all about our class. Your wreath was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. (that’s why I took photos of it, ha) I had so much FUN and it was great to finally meet you after all this time. This blog entry made me smile and I’m so glad you enjoyed the class. :)))) I hope to see you again very soon!


  3. Your wreath is WONDERFUL!!! Love it so very much!! What a fun class. Where did you take it?

  4. Was this not the best class or what? And I LOVED the way your wreath turned out. So fun. I’m thinking I need to do the same thing for Halloween…don’t you?


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