Vote early and vote often. 
         ~ Al Capone


It's time – the voting is open for our Catered Crop Follow-the-Recipe #18.

You all have given us such amazing, amazing projects that it's just getting harder and harder to narrow down the winners to just one or two. So, we need you to help us with the tie-breakers. Now, I confess, I haven't done this before, so I hope the technology works the way I think it will. Please e-mail me at or leave me a message on this post if you're having any difficulty.

You can vote for as many as three of your favorites – that's the good news. The not-so-good news is that the program I use, InLinkz, tracks voters by their IP address and will prevent any more than three votes coming from the same IP address. That means, if everyone in your household uses the same IP address (like at my house where we're all on the same modem), your whole household will only have three votes. So, treat your spouse and children to Starbucks for the the free wireless and their votes. 😉


The voting will end Friday evening, so go here to cast your vote – and vote early and vote often.


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