Catered Crop is Going Gourmet!!

Oh my, I've been trying to keep it a secret but I just can't do it anymore… Catered Crop is going gourmet (a.k.a. MAKEOVER!) and I have to give you a sneak peak!!!

Thanks to the work of feb10 design artist Caitlin McClain (yes, my very smart, beautiful, and talented daughter, and yes, I'm biased), we have some crazy exciting changes coming to Catered Crop. Let me just say that her design is so hip and retro at the same time, and just, well, so terrific, that I'm thinking I'm going to have to rewrite all my content to keep up with how cool she's making my site.

Here's just the appetizer (the color palette and a few of the graphics) but the main course will be here soon!



Sweet Comments

  1. Oh! The chicken’s not going is he????

  2. Yeah, I’m afraid the chicken is soup.

  3. Ahhh; I have a thing for roosters and chickens. I am sad to hear that the chicken is soup; but I know that the new design will be FAB!

  4. I love the colors! I can’t wait to see the new design.

  5. Four11Lady says:

    I am sure the new design will be wonderful, but I will really miss the homey chicken design……….

  6. I’m sure it will be wonderful, Linda!!

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