Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.
        ~ H.G. Wells, novelist


Did I ever tell you how Mr. Catered Crop and I met? It's quite romantic, really.



Back in the early 1980s Mr. Catered Crop was managing a bicycle shop and I was secretary of the local bicycle club. He was sitting under a tree with his plate of food at one of our big club sponsored picnics/rides when some mutual friends introduced us. He gave me a polite smile, we made small talk and then we just went our separate ways to join the rest of the riders. 

About mid-way through the ride I got a flat tire and found myself stranded at the bottom of a big hill. Mr. Catered Crop pedaled by and gallantly fixed my tire with very impressive finesse. I was immediately touched by how sweet and unassuming he was – one of those "still waters run deep" kind of guys. And, I'm telling you, not many guys look good in bicycle shorts, but honeys, he did.

I was wishing I'd paid more attention back at the tree.

Flat tire fixed, we got back on our bikes, climbed the hill and chatted some more. I tried to keep up with him, but he could ride a lot faster than I could, and he disappeared again over the next hill.


Fawn Lawn Cruising Through Life


After that I found more occasions to come into the bicycle shop, usually under the guise of soliciting advertising for the bicycle club newsletter. Mr "still water runs deep" seemed unaffected by my blatant flirting.

Finally, one day, I dressed in high heels and a great pencil-shape skirt with a slit up to here. If small talk didn't do the trick, maybe my long legs would. Of course, I couldn't walk in heels then any more than I can now, and I tripped as I crossed the road into the shop. I hobbled on in, hoping he wasn't watching and didn't noticed my skinned knee.

Finally, he asked me out.


Fawn Lawn Cruising Through Life Inside


Mr. Catered Crop says he wanted to ask me out all along but he was too shy.

I say slow and steady wins the race.



Catered Crop Follow the Recipe

Once again, you guys are knockin' my socks off with your entries for our Catered Crop FTR24 party. There's still time to enter, and you definitely want to because Lawn Fawn is in the house! I followed Cheryl's FTR24 recipe with a banner, the color pink, markers, polka dots, kraft paper, sewing, circle punches, and glitter.

I've been saving this stamp set from Lawn Fawn for four months waiting for this week. The Lawn Fawn blog has a fantastic video, here, to show all the fun things you can do with this set – it's an amazingly versatile set.



Almost thirty years later I'm still cruising with the sweet, unassuming, "still waters run deep" guy. He's not so shy anymore.


Sweet Comments

  1. Look at those two sweet people. You look perfect together then and I’ll bet that’s still the case.

  2. Oh this is just a fabulous card for a fabulous guy with a FABULOUS wife! I love the story and the picture of the two of you…oh those were the days! 😉

  3. Wow, what a wonderful story to go with a fabulous card! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Your card is fabulous! I love all the layers and paper piecing. The circles are so cool!

    Thank you for sharing your sweet story.

  5. Wow Linda; first of all your card is amazing! I am loving all of the bright and fun colors with all those details that you have put into it. All that stitching is just awesome on your banner and all of your panels. Oh gosh that stamp is just way too cute and the sentiment is just perfect! Just like your sweet story. Thanks for sharing:0)

    Big hugs;

  6. Gorgeous card! I’m totally inspired to head off into my crafty corner and make something for the Crop right now 😉
    But first let me say that was a cute story of how you two guys pedalled into each other’s lives – thanks for sharing, Rx

  7. This is a fabulous card–LOVE the layers and the patterned papers! FUN FUN FUN!

  8. Holly AKA KopyKat says:

    Love this cute bicycle card and the story was what I needed to read today, glad your still waters run deep was your everlasting love. thanks for sharing.


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