Save Catered Crop

Oh my – Catered Crop has been nominated for the coveted Blog Guidebook, Top Blog 2011. There are amazing, amazing bloggers among my co-nominees, and, quite honestly, I don't really expect to come home with the trophy. But, hey, I made it through the first hurdles and I am incredibly honored to be nominated.

But, goodness, how embarrassing would it be to be eliminated in the first round.

Please save Catered Crop from an embarrassing first round, early elimination and go vote. Yes, there will be groveling.


Just click here to vote this round.

Thank you!


Sweet Comments

  1. Hello!
    I just voted for you!
    I wish you the best!!!

  2. Congrats on making this shortlist! I voted – love your blog 😉

  3. Hi!
    I only join challenge only one time but I love the blog.. so I voted for you. Good Luck!!!

  4. Rose Kerry says:

    Yeah, I voted, love your blog, good c-luck.

  5. I just voted for you! Good luck!

  6. just voted for you! 22 hours left to go, good luck getting into the next round, I will keep watching your posts for the next time to vote for you!!!!

  7. I love the red and cream! What a great concept!