Giggles and Grins

I will not play tug o' war. I'd rather play hug o' war.
Where everyone hugs instead of tugs,
Where everyone giggles and rolls on the rug,
Where everyone kisses, and everyone grins,
and everyone cuddles, and everyone wins.
  ~ Shel Silverstein


Just for giggles and grins . . . and you know, just the crazy way my mind works . . . here are a few random Catered Crop moments.


Grin #1 –

Just for fun, go to the Google search page and search "askew".  Hee hee . . .


Grin #2 –

For giggles, check out this Random Tutorial Generator. Press the “go” button (a cute little button) and a totally awesome, cool tutorial pops up. What a fun way to grab some inspiration.


Grin #3 –

feb10 design is working fast and furiously at my new blog design. Coming soon to a screen near you. (I'm so crazy excited!) You guys are going to be so floored when you see what she's done.


Grin #4 –

I love all the creations from the My Favorite Things design team – I stalk, oops, follow each of them religiously. (Sorry, girls, I don't leave more comments – I should!) In this month's Creative Chat they each shared how they organize their creative space, and it inspired me to find a better way to store my Copic Markers – my favorite all-time crafting tool.

Check it out! I stamp at the roll-top desk I inherited from my Dad. Turns out all those cubby holes are perfect for the markers with room for more (hint, hint Santa).


My favorite thing about my "creative space" is that it's full of lots of sentimental memorabilia. You can see the Crop Crib (yes, I've named my space!) in all it's glory here.


Grin #5 –

I'm crazy excited (again) about making it to the top five of the Blog Guidebook Top Blog 2011. Thank you all for helping me make it this far.

I'm way behind in the polls right now, which, honestly, is not a bad thing. I'm in such incredible company and it's such an honor to have made it this far.

But, it's Rally Time! Please, darlings, if you have a minute, vote for me here. If you enjoy reading my blog, it would be fabulous if you could help by mentioning me on your blog, to your facebook friends, and/or your twitter followers. (Last plea, I promise.)


Grin #6 –

Are you working on your year in review? All this month the Follow the Recipe challenge is a year in review with themes each week! All you need to do is link up your favorite project in the theme of the week. This week, the theme is "Thank You" projects! Our fabulous Top Chef design team is getting in the action. Check out these favorite projects from 2011.

Renée Van Stralen's  favorite 2011 Thank You card is this gorgeous multi-layored masterpiece. 


It's easy to see why Peggy Marsh choose this as her favorite Thank You card creation from 2011 – I love all these Fall colors!


It's not too late to join us, but it will be soon. Be sure to link up your favorite Thank You card from 2011 before midnight Saturday.

Seeing your creations puts the biggest grin on my face!



Sweet Comments

  1. What a great post! From the quote at the top (which was the poem my oldest memorized and recited for 1st Place in the Primary Division Poem Recital when he was in Kindergarten – yep, I’m totally bragging) to the Google search (made all the more funnier ’cause I didn’t “get” it immediately) to that cool, cool Random Tutorial Generator, right down to the lovely cards, I enjoyed it all!

  2. I voted for you in the guidebook contest. I don’t get to partcipate often, but I check your blog regularly for the newest “recipe”. I hope all your fans propel you ahead of the competition. Good luck!

  3. just wanted to let you know that I voted for you! congrats on making it into this round! :)

  4. just wanted to let you know that the Jellypark team is voting for you, too! almost everyone has reported in that they have stopped by. :) you are LOVED!!!!

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