Catered Crop Redo

Clever father, clever daughter;
clever mother, clever son.
~ Russian Proverb

If you’re reading this post, it means, we did it! Well, rather, feb10 design did it! And, even more importantly, my beautiful daughter, Caitlin McClain did it – she cranked up Catered Crop from pork and beans to a gourmet buffet.

Yes, she gets her smarts from her Dad. (I take credit for everything else.)

Every single element of this blog is custom designed by Caitlin including:

  • a custom color theme (isn’t this yummy);
  • that cute ribbon banner across the top;
  • the shape of the top banner;
  • all the graphics by hand (yes, those cute little spoons, forks, and salt and pepper shakers);
  • my Betty-Crocker-like cameo in the upper right corner;
  • those darling social media buttons; and
  • these amazing new buttons.


Caitlin also created some new features for Catered Crop:

  • a {category page} that will pull all our Follow the Recipe and new Recipe Swap challenge posts together so you can find them all in one easy click;
  • a custom {contact} page;
  • a {gallery page} where I can highlight featured guests, like, Caitlin;
  • a fun new look to my highlighted quotes and your comments; and
  • a three-column footer that pops and is much more informative than the old pork-and-beans footer.

What really makes this such an amazing feat is that Caitlin had to deal with me! I’m a Virgo. No offense to any of you Virgos out there, but honestly, we’re analytical perfectionists: finicky and over critical. Couple that with my extreme need to be in control and horrible fear of a blog crash and burn (only because I’ve done it so many times myself) and you can get just a glimmer of the challenges Caitlin faced.

I’m crazy proud of my girl.


Sweet Comments

  1. Looks really cool, Linda! Love the little buttons!
    Just one thing though…the print is barely legible, its so light. I thought it was the sun on my computer til I moved it and I still can’t see it. Might want to make the print a darker gray….

    • Thanks, Dorcas! I’m glad you like it and thanks, thanks, thanks for the feedback. We made it a little darker. Please let me know if that’s easier to read.

      Please, anyone else, if you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it.

  2. Hi Linda – and Caitlin 😉
    Love the makeover… you did a great job. What a stunning new look! It will make stopping by for recipe ideas even more exciting, hehe!

  3. Wowwwww! I am just so proud of my creative family I could bust. Great job you guys, I am going to really look forward to finding you in my inbox now! Love You and can’t wait to see what you will have on the menu!

  4. Thanks so much for the feedback ladies! I’m so happy it’s up and running without a huge 404 Error splashed across the top : )

    Everyone should know that my mom’s favorite pastime is blogging so I’m just so happy that I could help her create something she’s proud of!

    Any and all feedback is welcome, you are the ones who visit the site most so your ideas and opinions are what really matters!

  5. Great new look! Caitlin did a superb job on your new design!

  6. OH awesome Linda! Best wishes! :) You know I will be around!

  7. I absolutely love the new design and am so excited for Caitlin and feb10 designs! 😀 I have her bookmarked so when I get ready to redesign next year….she’s my girl! Well, your girl…but I’m just going to borrow her….hee hee. Oh…and let her know….I’m a Virgo.

  8. Love love love your new blog design so much, Linda!!! Wow Caitlin, I see you are just as creative as your mama!! Great job! The new buttons for the challenge are so adorable, too!! LOVE!

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