Don’t Look!

   I hollered, "Don't look, Ethel!"
   But it was too late. She'd already been mooned.
   Flashed her right there in front of the shock absorbers.
         ~ Ray Stevens, The Streak


Don't Look Ethel! And by that, I mean you, Sharon.



This is your Spoiler Alert, Sis.



For the rest of you, just keep scrolling down the page.



I know you're peeking, Sharon, so just stop right now.



I put a hex on this that will make your eyes burn if you keep looking, Sis.



Okay, now, for the rest of you (Not You, Sharon!) . . .



I want to give my sister a cozy Christmas. I can't ship Texas sunshine or a warm hug up North, so I sent her a big package of soft, cozy, comfy things to open Christmas Eve.

Sharon, that's all the hint you get.


That is, if you're still peeking.


Pure Innocence Christmas Stocking Girl


That's the outside of the card that goes with my cozy Christmas package. Here's the inside.

PI Cozy Christmas


I wish I could tell ya'll about all the fun things I put in my sister's Cozy Christmas care package. But, you Know She's Peeking.

I will show you just one thing.


It's a Cozy Coozie for tissues. I Love, Love making these, mostly because they're so crazy easy to make; only four seams. Sister saw them at the Heritage Fair when she visited in October and liked them . . . so I tucked away the idea to make her one.

I followed Holly Ramer's instructions at her very fun site, Stitch Craft. I modified the instructions by cutting the outer print 6" by 6" and the inside print 6" by 8" to make the center stripes a little wider.

And, one last thing. I found some great Santa tissues to put in the tissue Coozie.


I sent along a fun surprise for my brother to open up on Christmas day; and, brother, if you're peeking, I'm not spilling the Beans. (That's the only hint you get.) I can't wait to show it to all of you, but I love torturing my Brother, so you'll have to wait until after he opens it.

Whaa ha ha . . . I am the master of gift disguises.

But, I am not the master of keeping secrets, given I just gave my sister such a spoiler. I make a lousy elf.


Here are the Copic markers I used and the rest of the recipe.



Sweet Comments

  1. LOL! I am a blog follower—my name is Sharon—I’ve been up since 3 AM-with less than one cup of coffee—I saw your post and was like, “Huh?!” Lol!!! Hope your sister likes her present-and doesn’t peek! Blessings, Sharon(aka OKIStampQueen)

  2. cardsister says:

    So cute! She is going to love it!

  3. I’m so happy to see someone use my tutorial. I hope you’ll post the rest of the goodies after Christmas, the card is adorable, and I love the fabric/ribbon you chose for the tissue cozy!

  4. Fabulous card! Gosh how I adore all the MFT girls and what you do with them. :)

    “Grandstanding right there in front of the home team”- I’ve now subjected my husband to not only that song- but my singing of that song. LOL!!! Thanks for the Christmas-Eve Eve funny. (didn’t know anyone else knew that song!)

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