TexMas Chili Surprise

Chili represents your three stages of matter:
solid, liquid, and eventually gas.
   ~ Roseanne, May 1992, spoken by character Dan Conner


Wha ha ha . . . I AM the master of disguising gifts.

I love tormenting my brother. That's what younger sisters do, right? Since I'm in Texas and he's in Indiana, I sent him a can of nice Texas Red, Roadhouse chili with beans, "great over rice." What else could he possible need? Better than socks, right?

But, when he popped open the can, it had a few surprises, like gin, Hershey Kisses, and some dinero for his next big adventure.

I had to get this in the mail last weekend, but, before I did, I took a few quick pictures for you all to show you how to russel up some good TexMas chili surprise.

First, you'll need to round up a smooth-edge can opener. You can find them just about anywhere (Pampered Chef; Williams and Sonoma; Bed, Bath and Beyond; even Sears) or just Google "smooth-edge can opener."

Turn up your speakers and grab a seat in the Catered Crop Theater for my how-to video – Western silent-movie style.



In keeping with our family Christmas traditions, my TexMas Chili Surprise included a poem.



You can have this little poem as a free download. Just click here {Canned Chili Surprise} and then right click and save it.

Merry TexMas Brother!

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Sweet Comments

  1. Beth Norman says:

    Very clever. Your viceo was very well done. Do tell us how he liked his surprise.

  2. So much fun…. I wish you could have seen his face.! It was a really great surprise especially with the great contents inside.

  3. Linda, love this!! Awesome video :).

  4. This is such a clever project! I love it!

    Wishing you a year of health, happiness and creativity! Happy New Year!

  5. Ha! Gave me a good laugh! Love the project. Might need to get one of those can openers after seeing this. I have a friend who sells Pampered Chef. She’ll have you to thank! Happy new year!

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