Friday Five Gossip

I look at it this way. 
I'm not an eavesdropper;
I have an attention surplus disorder. 
     ~ Robert Brault

Photo source: Norman Parkinson Archive

Welcome to another edition of Friday Five (random thoughts in my rambling head). Now, as a rule, I don't repeat gossip – so listen carefully.

This week's Friday Five is all about gossip. Gossip, that is, about what's going on in the crafting industry.

How do you stay current with the trends in the crafting industry? My go-to source used to be crafting magazines, which, of course, I still love. I even like the advertisements, because sometimes they're juicier than the articles. But, since I'm such a craft junkie and a self-professed gossip, I don't want to wait a month between updates.


In no particular order . . . here are my five favorite go-to web sites and blogs for crafting trends.

  • Nancy Nally's {Scrapbook Update} subtitle is "Where scrapbooking means business" so it starts and ends with what's going on in the industry, including job opportunities and who's who. She's a great source for what's happening among the big players in the industry and at the Craft and Hobby Association's (CHA) conventions, where manufacturer's unveil their latest products.
  • The {Craft Critique} team of over 20 reports on the latest craft tools in the industry and puts them through the paces before the consumer. Their reports are thorough and concise, and most importantly they're written by people who are passionate about their crafts. They also report on events like the CHA conventions and popular craft shows like Renegade. Oh, and watch for the occasional blog hops and giveaways.
  • {Craft Gossip} is really written by all of us. Anyone can submit a link of juicy gossip in just about any crafting category: sewing, knitting, needle arts, felting, home and garden, bath and body, edible crafts, stamping, and heaps more. The submissions are screened by editors of each of the categories and published on their blog throughout the day. If you subscribe to e-mail updates, you get an e-mail once a day with some yummy crafty eye candy.
  • Laurie Turk's {Tip Junkie} doesn't just show you the latest trends, but also how to make them yourself. That girl has over 15,000 tips and tutorials. Seriously, she must blog in her sleep. My favorite feature is Tip Me Tuesday where we all get to add our handmade projects, party ideas, crafts, and tutorials.

That's all the juice I have. I know there's more. What's the gossip on your side of the fence? Do you have favorite hang outs that keep you in the know. Oh, do tell . . .

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