Friday Five Organized Again

The creative mind plays with the object it loves.
     ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Welcome to another edition of Friday Five: random thoughts in my rambling head for giggles and grins. This week's Friday Five is the part two sequel to last week's Friday Five, which was all about finding creative and vintage ways of storing crafty supplies.

Yes, there's more!

Grin #6 – Ribbon and Bows

I have a lot of ribbon – it's kind of my fetish. Oh, and I love Corinna's Ribbon Carousel. Have you seen her newest design? It's classy and elegant and totally Up Town! 

After I filled up my Carousel, I raided the kitchen.

Loaf pans for scraps of lace wrapped around clothes pins . . .

crock jars for string . . .


and an antique aluminum foil, wax paper, and paper towel holder my daughter gave me for Christmas.


And, from the tool shed . . . this antique tool box.


Grin #7 – Paper Packs.

Do they still give you these baskets to store your personal things in at the city swimming pools? This one's the perfect size for my paper packs (another fetish of mine).


I found these white enamel drawers for one dollar at one of the Canton Trade Days, the perfect size for my October Afternoon paper packs.


Grin #8 – Sticky Stuff.

I use so much adhesive, I keep a whole drawer full of it within close reach. And, of course, right with the adhesive is the Un-Du adhesive remover.


Grin #9 – My Go To Box

I'm very organized when I work (or rather play) because, seriously, I have a terrible memory. If I don't put things back as I use them, I lose them. This little drawer sits on my desk as my go-to box. It's where I put things as I'm working on my projects to keep my desk clear and so I can find my things after I turn my back on them.

Grin #10 – Buttons and Buttons

I love my buttons, so I like to keep them under glass when I can gaze at them.


Or in a muffin tin.

Or, maybe in Mom's school-girl lunch box.


I hope you enjoyed my nickle tour of the Crop Crib. Ah man, I love all this old stuff. Combining old treasures with new treasures is such a treat.


Sweet Comments

  1. Love love love all your OLD storage containers…..My room isn’t quite as “neat” as yours, but I am working on it. Constantly. LOL…..I am constantly robbing my kitchen for more storage containers.

  2. What awesome things to use to store our crafting goodies. I just love it!

  3. sooo pretty and vintage looking…i am the complete opposite…messy and modern looking for the most part, but I would love if I could find the time and items to go your way…delightful!

  4. Gorgeous ways to store all of your supplies! Love it! 😀

  5. Thanks for sharing! I collect old lunch tins and right now, they are unused in a closet….but perhaps I can repurpose them as you have!!!

  6. I love your antique craft holders. I am just starting my crafting space. You have given me so many ideas to think about. Thanks for inspiring me. Hugs

  7. Hi. I found you at Whisperwood. I love the vintage storage! I hope that you will share this at my new organizing link party on Thursday!

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