Going through Hell

If you're going through hell
Keep on going, don't slow down
If you're scared don't show it
You might get out
Before the devil even knows you're there
     ~ Country song by Rodney Adkins

My job takes me all over Central Texas and across a lot of lonesome and remote "farm to market" roads. I love seeing the country that way. I crank up the radio, enjoy the scenery and just watch for the water towers into the next town.

On those trips the only choice on the radio is generally Classic Country or New Country. I usually pick Waylon and the Boys over Rascal Flatts and that Swift chick. And, if Emmy Lou Harris is on, I'm in heaven. I mean no disrespect to Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, but the whole time I was making this card, it was Rodney Adkins who was playing in my head.

Yes, I definitely have those days, especially after investigating back-to-back nursing home complaints. Shew, it wears a girl out.

Thankfully, stamping and a lot of love from folks like you keep me going.

I made this card to play along with our Catered Crop Recipe Swap this week and also to show off some new stamps I got from Texana Designs. I love these star studded, barbed wire hearts.

Here's the inside with another Texana Designs stamp. I was going for a saloon motif.


Funny story . . .

One of the perks of visiting these small Texas towns is that I often hit pay dirt at the home grown antique stores. I found this gem for $1.00 in tiny Whitney, Texas. Westerns are a dime a dozen in these parts, but I thought, for just $1.00 this worn old book will be perfect for paper piecing my Texana Designs stamps. So, I ripped out several pages to make my loopy blossom, star studded hearts and labels, quite happy with my creative up-/re-cycle.

When I was trying to find a link for all of you for this book, I discovered this was was one of five paperback books written on The High Chaparral and that they are all very difficult to locate in the United States. My sources said they infrequently show up in EBay: "expect to pay a hefty price for them in the overseas market." Turns out, I could have sold this book for about $20.00. Dang, this turned into a very expensive card. Lesson learned, research your pay-dirt find before you destroy it.

Here are the rest of ingredients. I promise, none of them are nearly as expensive as my $20.00 book print.

























































































































Always remember this. If you're going through hell, keep on going, but more importantly, remember that we're here.



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Sweet Comments

  1. OMG….I LOVE this card….:)

  2. I love the song by Rodney Atkins!
    and I love your card

  3. Love, love love those cards!

  4. Who would have thought you could have sold the book for $20! I had a duh moment when I read your post…..I just donated some books to the thrift store….I sooo could have made cards with those!

  5. Fabulous! both of them! 😎 I really love the ‘Going thru Hell” one though! Made me think of the very song that you posted too! lol
    LOVE it!


  6. Love this! Your piecing, the use of the text paper, the gorgeous flower…and FAB sentiment!

  7. Angela R. says:

    Oh, funny story! That’s an expensive card, huh? LOL! Oh, adding you to my list of “people that ROCK” on my blog!

  8. Oh Linda, those are all funny sentiments! Love every bit of details you added to your card.
    Thank you for playing along with us at Card Patterns.


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