Red Fun Facts

Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.  ~ Bill Blass

Believe it or not, I usually spend a little time researching my blog posts before they go live, especially for the Catered Crop Recipe Swap. Sometimes, my research is just for a good quote to go along with my posts. And then sometimes I just really get carried away.

Yes, this is one of those times. I really had fun finding facts about the color red for our "Seeing Red" Recipe Swap. After all the information I gathered, I think the color red may be my new favorite color. I created a little trivia quiz with all my research for all of you.

I hear you – I need to get out more. 



So . . . how did you do? I scored 100%, but then, I created the questions. Which one tripped you up? And, what's your favorite fun fact about the color red?

I finishing up a very red card for you. I'll post it soon, I promise.



Sweet Comments

  1. Which ONE tripeed me up????? Try three of them — the red planet, sign language and red riding hood! Even though I didn’t score so well, I totally enjoyed the quiz!!

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