Roped In

She's the sweetest little rosebud that Texas ever knew,
Her eyes are bright as diamonds, they sparkle like the dew;
You may talk about your Clementine, and sing of Rosalee,
But the Yellow Rose of Texas is the only girl for me.
   – Mitch Miller 1955 Rendition of Yellow Rose of Texas

Oh my! I kinda' went Texas Wild with this one. My daughter, who likes simple, single-layer cards, said it made her dizzy. If you like simple cards, be prepared with the Dramamine because this is super layered, embellished and just nuts!

Hey . . . you were warned.

I made this for the My Favorite Things March Guest Designer Contest (MFTGUESTDT0312) and Wednesday Stamp Club Getting Sketchy #61 (MFTSWC61). Trust me, the sketch really is there; it's just tilted to the side, contorted and layered.

So . . . follow along with me now. The theme for this month's Guest Designer Contest is "books."

  • One of my favorite books is True Women by Janice Woods Windle. It's about three generations of Texas women who are so proud and strong that it makes you want to stand up and sing The Yellow Rose of Texas. So, my card is about how this book "roped me in." I know, bad pun.
  • I used pages from the Western, Hell and High Waters. I found this book for a dollar at an antique store and I thought it'd be great for my Texas-themed projects. Of course, only after I tore out a bunch of pages did I learn it was worth $20 in the collector's market. So yeah, I'm still trying to get my money's worth.
  • The inside flap holds a detachable bookmark. Ah, I'm so clever!

These contests are so addictive, I think it might be time for an Intervention. But, really, all of this was just an excuse to use my new Pure Innocence Country Charms VIP kit. Howdeeee I love this kit! (Yes, I'm channeling Minnie Pearl.)

I couldn't find any craft metal at my hobby store to make my star charm, but I heard you could cut open a soda can and use it to die cut metal. Being the Diet Coke-aholic that I am, I downed a soda, grabbed my Stampin' Up! Craft Scissors and worked away at the can. I'm telling you this because I never tried it before and – Holy Smokes! – it worked like a charm! (Oh, sorry, another bad pun.)

The aluminum in a soda can is so thin, it's like buttah, I mean, it's just like working with cardstock. I ran the new My Favorite Things Country Charms Die-namics through the Big Shot and didn't even have to add anything extra to the "sandwich." Then I layered the metal star with a rhinestone star (this is Texas after all) and a paper star cut from tea-stained, embossed paper. I dangled it from my Loopy Blossoms flower using a jump ring. Of course, you don't have to use a jump ring, but it dangles so pretty when you do.

Oh, I love it!

Did you catch the little freckles, Sheriff's badge, embossed leather accessories, and that cute calico dress? Here she is again just so you can take another gander.

I used the Spellbinders Nestabilities Classic Oval Circles die to cut out a little half-circle of the outside of the card. When you flip the cover of the card up, here's what's inside . . . the detachable bookmark.


I used my Cutterpede Perforator Blade to make a perforated edge for the bookmark. You can almost see it in this picture of the inside of the card. When you flip the bookmark to the right, here's what the inside looks like. I made the inside pretty simple to make up for the craziness in the rest of the card.

I followed the general idea of Mary Brown's Splitcoast Stamper tutorial for making a detachable bookmark, here. I didn't have the Xyron kit she talked about so I winged it with my Perfect Squares, Perfect Layers and Cutterpede (see below). If you'd like a pictorial/tutorial on how I made it, just leave me a comment and I'll try to oblige.

Shew . . . are ya still with me?

Here are the Copic markers, the sketch and the rest of the ingredients.



Gracious, that was long winded. And I still feel like I left something out. But, it's time for this tired old cow to head to the barn. Just leave me a comment or two if you have any questions or if you just want to ask: "What in tarnation were you thinking?!"

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Sweet Comments

  1. Wow. You were one busy chica. Yeah, it’s busy but you had such fun making it. How cool is that star. And I love that her dress matches the PP BG. Great paper too. And then the surprise bookmark inside. Go girl.

  2. AMAZING!!!!

  3. Well, shut my mouth!! That is the cutest card ever!! Makes me want to put on my boots and two step all day long!

  4. Linda Ash says:

    Bet you’re plumb tuckered out after all that work!
    It’s gorgeous!

  5. wow, this is so darn cute. Love it. I am going to have to try the soda can for a die-cut now, lol.

  6. Holy crow! This is the cutest EVER! GORGEOUS in every way…you are AMAZING!

  7. This couldn’t be any sweeter! Love!!

  8. Linda, you always have the cutest projects and this one is no different! I love the paper piecing and the Loopy Blossom.

  9. I don’t think this is ‘nuts!’ … I think it’s fabulous!! Love, love, love all the layers … so many fun details to enjoy! TFS!!

  10. Sooooooo cute!!!

  11. hello there Linda!! Havent been here in a bit…THIS is stinkin C U T E!!! Hope u r well! hugs, jane

  12. Michelle Pittman says:

    Linda, I found you! Wow, you are still creating like a bat outta’ h____!! I LOVE all your creations, so I’m goin’ have to do some serious lookin’ on your site! (Notice my website? Yep, I did it.) Take care!!

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