Hoppy Easter

I lied on my Weight Watchers list.
I put down that I had three eggs . . . 
but they were Cadbury chocolate eggs.
    ~ Comedian Caroline Rhea

Hoppy, Happy Easter everyone. Oops, it's not Easter, yet? That's okay, Cadbury eggs are in the house. They were anyway. Some of them are packed up in my Carrot goodie boxes; the rest, well, they're very well hidden (in my belly).

Now you can cheat on your Weight Watchers list and say you had carrots. Whhaaa haaa haaa. I crack me up.


Purple Onion Designs is sponsoring one of our upcoming challenges, and Whoop Whoop, one of our esteemed Top Chefs, Jeanie Witmer, just joined their team. That gave me the perfect excuse to get my hands on these adorable Easter images and sentiments by Stephanie Ackerman. I grabbed a steal of a deal with their Cracked Egg Sale.

If you know me, you know I had to make my bunny a Chocolate bunny!


The paper carrots are so easy to make it's almost as sinful as all those Cadbury eggs I ate. They're just a simple sour cream container. (Beate Johns' tutorial is here.) 

To make the containers more carrot-like, I modified Beate's instructions by putting the sticky strips on one of the long sides (instead of short sides) of the reverse side of the paper. No two carrots are alike, so I made them different sizes, 5" by 4", 6" by 4", 6" by 4-1/2", you get the idea.

Before I closed up the top of the carrot, I slid in some cut ribbon pieces. The top didn't go through the crimper very well with the ribbon in it, so I stapled the top closed, which also did a good job of keeping the ribbon in place.

Now, pay attention, because this is very important. You might get so excited about how cute your carrots are looking that you forget to put the candy in before you close up the top of your carrot. Don't ask me how I know this.

My carrot leaves are all from Ribbon Carousel's February 2012 Ribbon Club Kit.  It's 15 yards of yummy!

Here are the Copic markers, Monday Mojo sketch (Mojo231), and the rest of the ingredients.



The fabulously talented Deborah Doolin gave me that paper basket years ago – I still hoard it. I searched all over tarnation trying to find you all something like it, but I couldn't. I feel really bad about that. So, I've e-mailed Deborah to see if she has any instructions for you, and I created this Pinterest board with other ideas for making baskets out of paper. Meanwhile, the Tip Junkie (one of my favorite inspiration sites) just published a list of 70 Free Basket Templates.   You're welcome.

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Sweet Comments

  1. Such a cutie pie card!!!! I absolutely adore all your fabulous details.

  2. OMG … how a-dor-able is this precious little Easter set — LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Super cute card and carrots!

  4. Love your “You Crack Me Up” card. This image is just adorable.

  5. Very cute….I just love your carrots AND your basket! I shared my basket but I am not sure the Linky thingie is working quite right!


  7. You are so over the top creative. I love all of this Linda.. Great carrots.. What a post you have here.. Very inspirational.