Bluebonnet Hill

I found my thrill
On Bluebonnet Hill
On Bluebonnet Hill
When I found you
    – with apologies to lyricist Al Lewis and
      singer Fats Domino (Blueberry Hill)

Everything's coming up Bluebonnets in Central Texas. I watched for them today as my job took me over 100 miles across rural Texas. I just couldn't imagine showing you a card about Bluebonnets during Bluebonnet season without a picture of the card in, of course, Bluebonnets. I traversed the Texas landscape to find the perfect setting.

I had the scene all perfectly arranged in my head . . . a hillside of Bluebonnets against a rugged fence with some livestock in the background. Today I saw plenty of all varieties of fences; horses, cows, donkeys, goats . . . and a few Bluebonnets, but not the landscape I wanted for you all. Finally, this evening, as I was just 11 miles from home, I thought, that's it! The next hillside of Bluebonnets is just going to have to be my backdrop.  

So, just for you, I pulled over at the next patch of blue. I ran across five lanes of traffic with my step stool, camera and card, and I knelt in the mud to get just the right angle. Rush hour traffic was buzzing by, no doubt wondering why my butt was sticking up on the side of the road. I had nerves of steel until the people living at the top of the hill unleashed their big ole' yard dog, who introduced himself with a ferocious, savage bark.

Now, it's Texas. We know how to make fences in Texas. But, you know what? I wasn't thrilled about a little wire fence being the only thing that separated me and a rabid, fierce, monster yard dog. (Hey, it could have been.)

I finished snapping my pictures and ran!

I hope you like them.

These stamps from Texana Designs were my inspiration.

To give your Bluebonnet some extra dimension . . . You can:

  • Stamp the Framed Bluebonnet three times: once on the book sheet and twice on plain white or vanilla-colored paper. I used Neenah, smooth-like-buttah paper.
  • Color the two Bluebonnets on the plain paper with your favorite color medium, I used Copics.
  • Paste one of the colored Bluebonnet images over the uncolored Bluebonnet image on the book sheet.
  • Then . . . are you ready for this . . . cut out each individual flower petal of the third stamped Bluebonnet.
  • Roll each petal with a stylus on top of an old mouse pad, like I did with this flower. That gives each petal an upward curl.
  • Individually Glue just the tip of each curled petal onto the other colored Bluebonnet image, similar to the paper piecing technique.
  • To make your wildflower look sun kissed with dew, dab some glitter over the curled edges. I used some Stickles.

I love how it turned out.


I didn't lug my Copic markers across the five lanes of traffic and put them in harm's way of the man-eating dog to snap their pictures. So, instead of my usual picture of the markers I used, here's my list.

  • B21, B24 and B26 for the petals;
  • G20, G24, and G94 for the leaves; and
  • YR31 and YR0000 for the top clusters.

The rest of the card came together easily with the October Afternoon paper and Miscellany and with this week's sketch from Card Positioning Systems (CPS256).

The book sheet is from my flea-market find, a Western from the High Chaparral series. You can read about it here. I'm still trying to get my money's worth from it. 

Here are the rest of your ingredients.



Tomorrow I get to hit the rural roads of Texas again. Lady Bird Johnson once said: "My heart found its home long ago in the beauty, mystery, order and disorder of the flowering earth." Some days I just can't believe I get paid to enjoy all this beauty. I'll keep an eye out for the Bluebonnets for you.

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Sweet Comments

  1. This card is so cool! I can’t believe you cut out each individual petal! Love the technique and, of course, love the stamps you used!!

    Jimmye Sue, Texana Designs

  2. What a fun card! Loving all the amazing layers, and the fun cowboy theme! All the fun bits and baubles are the perfect touches!! Thanks for playing along with CPS 256!!

  3. Just love the cowboy card. It’s so much fun& has great details. the barbed wire& 3d on your flowers// lovely!

  4. I am in love with those stamps and your card using the CPS sketch is wonderful.

  5. I just LOVE those bluebonnets! Beautiful bright colors – Please link up with me at 52 Card Pickup!

  6. Hi Linda. I just popped by to say hello…it’s been too long. Love the “new” look of your blog. You are totally amazing! These are both great cards! Love the story about the yard dog…anything for the perfect picture…right? Ahh, the things we do in the name of “creativity”. Big Hug!

  7. Love this, Linda!!! Such a fabulous design and beautiful coloring! Love your backdrop, too!!

  8. Oh my word Linda this card is FANTASTIC!!! Love it so so so much!!

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