Yooo Whoooo!

A wise old owl sat on an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard;
Why aren't we like that wise old bird?
      ~ Edward Hersey Richards


I need a guard owl.

We got my husband a bird feeder last year for father's day. Good strategy. We all love watching the birds and squirrels.

But, two nights ago my son said he saw something else on top of the bird feeder just staring at him. When he got closer to see what it was, it slid down the pole like a fireman. We considered Googling "nocturnal Texas critter that can slide down a pole like a fireman." But, last night we figured out what his nocturnal bird feeder scaling critter was.

We counted five mice. They're kind of cute like the little field mice from Grandma Black's corn fields in Indiana. They're fun to watch. But, man, I've never seen mice this big. They're Texas size. I gotta tell ya. I have mixed feelings about having mice this big playing just beyond my back porch.

Apparently Irish Setters don't sit for mice, or at least Mailey Dog doesn't. Does anyone know what Golden's do but beg for attention? That would be Pillow Pup. She'll stare down the squirrels, but she's not interested in the mice.

I need a guard owl.


I made this for our rickety rack (rickrack) challenge. I added some vintage rickrack and slipped in a few chevron shapes (rickrack wanna be's). I love how rickrack adds that homemade look – like Grandma's home sewn aprons and sun dresses.

Come play with us. Just grab some rickrack from your sewing notions, link up and join the party, here.

I used Y21 and Y26 Copic Markers to color my owl with a little N0 for shading. Isn't that little owl image stinkin' cute? It's called Beanie Whoot and it's from Art Impressions' newest release. Adorable.

Here's the sketch I used and the rest of the ingredients.


See you Sunday when we unveil the Catered Crop chefs' rickety rack designs.

Art Impressions Beanie Whoot

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Sweet Comments

  1. Linda, this is adorable! I love the rickrack and your placement of the sentiment! That owl is SO cute!

  2. Beautiful card, Linda! We are so very glad that you were able to join us as our Featured Guest Designer at Fussy and Fancy!
    Warmest Hugs, Sheryl

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