Darlin’ Dallas Decafs

He was my cream, and I was his coffee –
And when you poured us together,
it was something.
     ~Josephine Baker

Y'all knew I had to put my Texas Twist on these Hot Java Mamas. I put them in a barbeque dive and call them my Darlin' Dallas Decafs.

Two years ago we moved from Austin to Waco and about 100 miles closer to Dallas. It didn't take us long to see our “keep-it-weird” vibe of Austin had been replaced with the denim and diamonds lifestyle of the Big D.

Everything's bigger in Texas and Dallas is the capital of Big. Glamorous women with big hair and even bigger, um . . . accessories. You know . . . matching purses, earrings and shoes . . . coordinating lipstick and nail polish.

The Dallas and Waco darlin's are truly just as lovely on the inside as their perfectly coiffed hair. I'm totally jealous. So, I take a little guilty pleasure when I get to slurp pork ribs with them at the barbeque joint. Barbeque sauce spares no one.

In honor of my Dallas and Waco girlfriends, I created a second Darlin' Dallas coffee cup because you can never underestimate the power of being properly caffeinated and adorably embellished.


I don't think I'll ever be a Dallas Darlin'. I still have my Crocks and I'm just happy if one shoe matches the other. But, hey, I bought a teaser comb, so there's hope for me yet.


I made this for our Felt with the Heart Catered Crop challenge using Art Impression's Girlfriend Blend set. It's a lot easier for me to make these three-dimensional flowers with felt because the felt doesn't wimp or rip like paper. I used my favorite felt in the whole wide world – Benzie Bazaar. This felt is so luxurious it put's a Dallas-like glam to my projects.

For a coffee-themed project I thought it only fitting that i use one of my favorite ways to distress paper – coffee.

  • Just fix you a cup of java (or tea).
  • Wad up some white or cream colored card stock into a tight ball and throw it in the coffee.
  • After about five minutes, gently pull the paper out of the coffee cup with tongs. The longer you let it sit in the coffee, the darker the stains.
  • Even more gently, unfold your wadded paper. Because it's wet it may tear easily. But, don't straighten out the wrinkles. The tea or or coffee will settle into the wrinkles and give you these lovely stains.
  • Lay the wet paper on a paper towel and just let it sit until it dries.


Here are the Copic markers, the sketch and the other ingredients I used.



And here are the additional ingredients for the two coffee mugs.


Bottoms Up!

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Sweet Comments

  1. Linda this is 100% AWESOME!! LOve it! I’m not sure how well Id do around perfectly coiffed people. I walk proud when my nails aren’t chewed and I’m wearing “high end” flipflops . I have all my teeth (at least the ones that matter) and a waist. What more can a gal want?? LOL