Baby Bunting Recipe Swap

Bye, baby bunting
Daddy's gone a hunting
A rosy wisp of cloud to win
To wrap his baby bunting in
   – English Nursery Rhyme, 1784

Catered Crop Recipe Swap Button

I'll never look at felt the same way again. You wonderful crafters stamped on it, twisted it, embroidered on it . . . and just really knocked my socks off with it. What you did with felt was just genius.

Congratulations to Suzie McFloozy, LeAnne Pugliese, and Karen Hall Lambert. You're invited to join our Top Chef designers in next Sunday's Quickfire and grab the Winning Recipe button.

Congratulations also to player #2, Angela P. You've won gorgeous heirloom-quality felt from Benzie Bazaar. Just e-mail me through my contact page, here, and I'll get you hooked up. 

I'm in a party mood, especially since June is full of celebrations: graduations, June brides, Father's day, and Summer Solstice for starters. And, Mr. Catered Crop and I are just days away from celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. The party is on!

So it seems like just the perfect time to decorate with banners and bunting. Get ready to get down and party because our next Catered Crop Recipe Swap is banners and bunting. Here's how we roll . . .

  • Just use banners or bunting somewhere in your project.
  • Include a link to us at Catered Crop or just add our button, which you can grab on our sidebar or at our {button gallery}.
  • Link up and link often, but be sure you link up by 8:00 PM EST on Saturday, June 23.
  • Keep the party hopping by visiting the other players and leaving comments.
  • Check  back with us on June 24 to see if you've won an opportunity to be a guest designer or a prize from a sponsor.


Need some ideas? Here's a whole gallery of creative ways to use felt in your projects. You can click on the inspiration board above to go to a Pinterest board with the sources of these pictures and more gorgeous ideas and brilliant tutorials. I curated a few card sketches using bunting, too, to prime the creative pumps.



Our sponsor for this challenge comes all the way from Japan. I saw Torico's Birdie Brown illustrations on Etsy and my lips did this up-turny thing they do every now and then – they turned into a big fat ole' smile! Her images just do that do you – they're so sweet and whimsical.

You may know Torico as an illustrator for There She Goes Clear Stamps. How cool is that?! You can get her images both as digital stamps in her Etsy store and as clear polymer stamps at There She Goes Stamps. You can also hang out with Torico at her blog, and on her Facebook page.

One very lucky player will get to pick three digital stamps in the Birdie Brown Etsy store. Good luck picking just three.

Be sure to come back Sunday, June 17, to see what our Chefs have dished up for you with their bunting. Let the party commence!

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Sweet Comments

  1. OMG, I have to play along with this week’s challenge. I *LOVE* Torico’s Birdie Brown images. I have a bunch – I’ll have to look through to see which one lends itself to banners and buntings best. :)

  2. Wow, thanks for the “win”!! Looking forward to next week too!

  3. Wonderful challenge – I am a HUGE fan of Torico!!!


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