Joy Toy

A man snatches the first kiss, pleads for the second,
demands the third, takes the fourth,
accepts the fifth – and endures all the rest. 
      ~ Helen Rowland

I know! How cute is that couple?! And that dress! So 1980s.

Yep, that's us back on June 12, 1982. Mr. Catered Crop and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this week. Of course, that makes me and Mr. CC pretty dang old. I can't call Tom my boy toy any more – but he's still my joy toy. He makes every day a happy day.


I admit, this is a pretty girly card to give a husband. Tom agreed. Sorry babe. I made up for it by putting juicy and mushy stuff inside which, no, you do not get to see.

You see, I took some inspiration from our wedding because I just love revisiting that day. We had a lot of purple, only I called it "lavender" to make it sound more stylish. Our fabulous florist even dyed the roses purple. Tom wore a gray suit with a striped ascot. Oh baby, he was so handsome. My sister-in-law made my very lacy dress. I felt like such a big shot because she was (and still is) a fashion designer in New York. She made me look good.

I think our smiles were at least that big. It was a magical day.

Thank you, my Joy Toy Tom, for snatching and enduring my kisses all these years.


I added the festive bunting in the corner for our Catered Crop Baby Bunting Recipe Swap and used a freaky cute image from Birdie Brown, our challenge's sponsor. Oh my, Torico just came out with her June release. You can swoon along with me here. And, of course, if you join our party, you get to go shopping!

Since this Lovely Couple image is a digital stamp, I tried to fancy, fussy cut it with the Silhouette Cameo the Mother's Day armadillo brought me. (Yes, Virginia, there is a Mother's Day armadillo. It hides the gift to keep sly Moms like me from finding it too early.)

For you Silhouette people – I created about a dozen files to cut each layer of the images. The groom alone has seven layers of cardstock and patterned paper. But, dang it, I couldn't get the Cameo to read the registration marks very well, so I ended up cutting several of the layers by hand. If there's anybody out there who's figured out how to get the Cameo to cut pre-printed jpg images, please tell me your magic.

The sketch is a fun but retired one from There She Goes Stamps, who also sell's Torico's images in clear stamps. Here are the Copic markers and the rest of the recipe. Enjoy.





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Sweet Comments

  1. This is sooooooo sweet!! I LOVE how you paper pieced the image and the monochromatic colors. You made my digi looks pretty good! Thanks for inviting me as a sponsor for the challenge.

  2. I think your card is fantastic!!! What wonderful inspiration, your bff, hubby and ‘joy toy’…that’s the best! Your card just brings instant smiles. 😀

  3. You are so right!!! Great minds do think alike!!! I love your card though!!! I love your paper piecing, the beautiful image and the beautiful PP. Thank you for always providing great inspiration and amazing challenges.


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