Songs of the Rainbow Recipe Swap Quickfire

And I'll sing you the songs of the rainbow
A whisper of the joy that is mine
     ~ For Bobbie lyrics by John Denver, 1965

Catered Crop Recipe Swap Button

It's week two of our recipe swap. Yes, it means you have one more week to join the party and it's time for our Top Chef and guest chef designers to share what they've made with our featured ingredient. Spectrums of light, multicolored arcs, meteorological phenomenons . . . our featured ingredient for the next Catered Crop Recipe Swap is rainbows.

We're going to use all the crayons in the box for this challenge. Here's how we roll . . .

  • Just use rainbows or the colors of the rainbow somewhere in your project.
  • Include a link to us at Catered Crop or add our button, which you can grab on our sidebar or at our {button gallery}.
  • Link up and link often, but be sure you link up by 8:00 PM EST on Saturday, July 7.
  • Keep the party hopping by visiting the other players and leaving comments.
  • Check  back with us on July 8 to see if you've won an opportunity to be a guest designer or a prize from a sponsor.



As always, the winning entries get a coveted Winning Recipe button to put on their blog and an invitation to be a guest Catered Crop designer. And . . . one lucky, randomly picked player will win a $15.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE at Sassy Cheryl digital stamps! Sassy's images are fun, whimsical and just happy! And, clearly, Sassy's is a happening place. Just click on the four pictures below to check out Sassy Cheryl's fun gigs.


The Catered Crop Top Chefs and Guest Chefs Deirdre Horgan and Donna Mikasa have made some amazing and wonderfully colorful projects. And, we want to welcome our newest Top Chef, Sarah Fleming. You are going to love her scrapbook pages.

You’ll want to click on the pictures to go to the blog posts for all the wonderful details. See if you can spy some Sassy Cheryl images.










Sweet Comments

  1. I’m like a little kid when it comes to your challenges and the DT inspiration! You just can’t help but smile and be creative. Thanks so much. :)
    Lisa xx

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