Ruffles and Recliners

A house that does not have one
worn, comfy chair in it is soulless.
     ~ May Sarton

Art Impressions Lazy Boy Set Card


My day job really kicked my heinie the last two weeks. When I got home from all corners of Central Texas, all I wanted to do was sit back in a soft chair and enjoy my guilty pleasures (Network Food Star, Craft Wars, Big Bang Theory reruns . . . ). So, as the clock is ticking on "R R R Ruffles Have Ridges" challenge, I'm finally giving you my inspiration for this challenge – my Dad.

Dad loved to work hard and build up a good sweat. But at end of every day he had a date with Ruffles, Pat Sajak and Vanna White. He'd grab a bag of potato chips with a little bowl of ketchup and sink into his recliner in front of Wheel of Fortune. The longer he sat, the farther he slouched into the chair until he was almost horizontal, flashing his pale white ankles and black socks.

So, in honor of Dad, I added a tribute to his Ruffles to this funky card. Did you see it?

Dad would eat this up – yep, bad pun intended.


When Art Impressions sent me this stamp to play with from their new Ai People line, I started playing with making potato chips out of paper.  I kept buying bags of Ruffles potato chips for inspiration, but the bags never seemed to last very long. After a little trial and error and a lot of chips and dip, I ran two die cuts from this Die-namic through a Fiskers Crimper (see below). All it needs is a little salt.

The rest of the recipe is pretty easy. My reclining chip eater is Copic colored, fussy cut and paper pieced. Here are the Copic markers and the rest of the recipe.


I miss my Dad a lot. He was an amazing man, and I was so lucky to be his daughter.

Gotta go . . . The Wheel is on.

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Sweet Comments

  1. I love everything about this. My dad (still with us, fortunately) used to come home from work, have dinner, and sit in his recliner while we all watched tv. He’d start snoring about 10 minutes into the 9:00 movie, then wake up at 10:30 to ask what he’d missed. “GO TO BED, DAD!” HAAHA. Good times.

  2. So cute and what a great way to bring a precious memory out of the archives. Dad would be proud, as well as the rest of us.

  3. So cute, mama! Love the pic of grandpa in one of his favorite spots : )

  4. OMGoodness Linda that is Too cute!! LOVE the chip border. You are too clever! :)

  5. Fabulous card! I love your mix of patterns. Thank you for sharing your stories about your Dad.