Dear Weight Watchers

Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate
or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.
     ~ Joanne Harris, Chocolat



Dear Weight Watchers:

Yesterday, I ate some lovely Ghirardelli chocolate.

When I got home I calculated the point values and it was seven huge points. Since you only allow me 27 points a day, that chocolate was my dinner.


I'm writing to protest.

Seriously. Chocolate has flavinoids, antioxidant polyphenols, phenethylamine, and about 300 other identified chemicals. Real smart people have published articles that say it lowers blood pressure, slows blood clots, lowers "bad" cholesterol, clears a cough, works as a laxative, and, of course is an aphrodisiac. . . . I mean, really, think of all the calories it burns as an aphrodisiac.

Artisan Chocolate Doorhanger Box

Back in 1870 pioneering nurse Florence Nightengale considered chocolate a basic staple to treat the ill. She mentioned in her notes, " . . . soup, wine and chocolate could certainly have saved hundreds of lives.”

Snow Chocolate Doorhanger Box


If you lower the point value of chocolate, I can live to be a 100 – and still have dinner.

Sincerely, Chocolate Crazed Catered Crop


Hot Cocoa Cutie Ensemble


Dear Chocolate Crazed:

Nice Try.

Yours Truly, Weight Watchers


Yeah, I don't think Weight Watchers is ever gonna agree with me on the whole chocolate issue. I'll have to get my endorphins some other way – like creating pink cards for our In the Pink Recipe Swap.

This was fun! Thanks, too, to Ribbon Carousel for their fun Beautiful Bows challenge.

Our fabulous sponsor, Lilly Belle's Paperie and Textiles, sent all of us Catered Crop folks some lovely, low calorie, pink yumminess to play with. She even included matching envelopes.

Hot Cocoa Cutie Pink Envelope

Here are the markers, sketch and supplies for the card.


The little doorhanger treat boxes were super easy to assemble after the Silhouette Cameo did all the hard work cutting out the template. The instructions for assembling the boxes are available and 3 Under 3 and More.


And, here are the additional ingredients for the boxes.


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Sweet Comments

  1. You are a riot, I was with you every step of the way sister! lol. Love these great creations and the colors with the cute a la mode image. Fabulous.

  2. Ha! I love how you’re trying to justify indulging in some chocolate! And I love your pink projects!

  3. *giggle*

    Gorgeous card! I absolutely love those boxes too.

  4. I read you funny comments and laughed so very much. Thanks for that. As a Weight Watchers alumni I appreciate what you had to share. A Butter tart….9 points….really! Nuts.! Your gift boxes are lovely, so creative. And the card is wonderful. Your colouring is great. Glad I came for a visit today.

  5. You my dear are hilarious. I just popped in from SCS to see how you did those boxes-bummer I don’t have a silhoutte!!! But anyway try the 90% Cocoa Dark Chocolate-that is the best for you health wise. I keep a little stash for when the craving hits and I can’t help myself so as not to blow the whole diet thing. One small square will keep you for days. It is a little getting used to-some say you should go 60% Cocoa and work your way up but I went straight for the 90%. Good luck with your WW and hope this helps.

  6. I like chocolate especially Ghiradelli, Cadbury & Hershey. Then of course, I’m also under 100 lbs. Only ever topped 100 lbs when I was pregnant with my daughter almost 21 yrs ago.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  7. Loved your letter to Weight Watchers and I totally agree. Your card and little gift bags are gorgeous. Love the colors and design,.

  8. LOL…you crack’ me up Linda! I love the story….I’m a sucker for chocolate too, but once in awhile we have to treat ourselves to something YUMMY! Your card and box is totally FABULOUS!!! I soooooo want a cameo too….hugs ~S~

  9. oh Linda – i follow your logic. i think WW is really missing out here :) these boxes are amazing and the treats so gorgeous….i love those and if anyone gave me something like that i would eat it with good conscience. what amazing beautiful details in both your card and the boxes. the whole set is just so yummy!

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