Canned Laughter

Carry laughter with you wherever you go.
    ~ Hugh Sidey

My Grandma had the best kitchen, and I have a greatest memories of the time I spent there. Well, that's because we spent a lot of time there. Grandma canned fruits and vegetables from Grandpa's garden, she fixed everything from scratch (oh, those yummy egg noodles), and there was no automatic dish washer. So, if you were visiting Grandma, you were in her kitchen.

That's Grandpa Heaton clowning around with my Mom, circa 1960.

My Grandma's kitchen had a trap door in the floor. When she opened it and walked down just a few steps, she entered a room about the size of today's walk-in pantries.


Frankly, her cellar kind of scared me a little. It was dark, dusty and damp. The light was at the bottom of the stairs, so Grandma had to go down the stairs in the dark. But, it was filled wall-to-wall with Grandma's fabulous preserves: green beans, apple sauce, pickles, and my favorite, her yummy jelly.

Yeah, it sounds corny. But, it's true. Opening up Grandma's preserves was like opening up memories of all the great laughs we had in her kitchen.


A layer of glassine gives the jar a translucent glass look. And an outline layer of fine glitter makes it sparkle.

Here are the ingredients and, if you scroll down below, you'll find some step by step instructions.




  • Trim your glassine bag so that you have a single sheet at least 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide.
  • Open your Silhouette cutting file {3 Mason Jars by Lori Whitlock} and resize to fit your project size. You can delete the heart and lid cuts. Here's a video of how I modified the file before I cut out my jars and the jar label.

Mason Jar Silhouette Cameo Video

  • Using the Silhouette cutting file, cut the images out of patterned paper, glassine, kraft paper, and colored paper for the card base.
  • Run the outline cut of the jar through the Zyron with the pattern side facing down so the adhesive is on the pattern side.
  • Sprinkle the outline cut with fine transparent glitter.
  • Adhere these three layers together: Pattern paper jar, glassine jar, glittered outline.
  • Have fun embellishing the layered jar.
  • Score the colored base one inch from the top and adhere to the back of jar only above the score line.
  • Give to a good friend.

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Sweet Comments

  1. well, there you go…rockin’ the mason jar! Love the stories that you share and that picture is priceless!

    I loved your last mason jar card {and this one too!} that it inspired my card for today…

    …my first cameo card!

    Thanks for all the inspiration!
    ~amy~ recently posted . . . Thanks Jar.My Profile

  2. Sweet in many ways. Memories, as well as, what a cool card! Looks like a great way to share the goodness with a special friend.

  3. What a cute idea!!! I love the Mason Jar die. I love the corrugated cardboard and twine as well! Gives it more of a country feel.