Top 12 in 2012 Recipe Swap

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Bring it on! We want to see the best of your best.

I love, love seeing everyone's favorite projects from their year of creativity. Wouldn't it be fabulous to have one spot to keep coming back to and see everyone's favorite projects from 2012?

So grab some hot chocolate and some pen and paper and go through your blogging posts from 2012. Have fun looking back at how far you've come, and just enjoy reading your everyday posts and reminiscing about your year.

We'll eventually get back to our regularly scheduled program . . . but for the month of January, here's our how Catered Crop Recipe Swap will roll.

  • Create a blog post, online gallery (Pinterest,,, etc), or online album (Facebook, etc) containing your favorite 12 projects from the year 2012. Just use the link up button below to link us to that blog post or gallery.
  • Include a link to us at Catered Crop or add our button, which you can grab on our sidebar or at our {button gallery}.
  • Be sure you link up by 8:00 PM EST on Saturday, February 2.
  • Keep the party hopping by visiting the other players and leaving comments. (The InLinkz tool below will give you a blank to tell us which player's site you visited and left some comment love.)
  • Check back with us on February 3 to see if you've won an opportunity to be a guest designer for our next challenge as the best of the best.

Now, if you're not a blogger, just got started and don't have a full year of projects yet, or just don't have the time to review, select and write about your favorite 12 projects, that's okay. We don't want to leave you out. Just give us a link to your one favorite project of the year. But, please, for this challenge only, give us only one link. (We don't want 12 links by everyone who participates.)

If you've already written a blog post with your favorites, that's okay, you can link back to that post.

Just for giggles and grins, I created this button you can add to your blog post to help your readers see the fun you're up to with us.

Top 12 for 2012

Here's the code you can use to include this graphic in your blog post if you choose:

<a href=""><img alt="Top 12 for 2012" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-13709" height="248" src="" width="262" /></a>

Our Catered Crop designers will be back with their favorites. It's going to be a great way to kick off 2013.

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Sweet Comments

  1. I hope it’s OK that on this occasion I’ve back linked because this is something that I do every New Year’s Day, so I had already done it – I’ve now updated it to include your recipe swap challenge with image and links. x
    Hazel recently posted . . . From our house to yoursMy Profile

  2. Love everyone’s shares! I backlinked to a round-up of my cards – though there weren’t 12… Hope that’s still ok 😉
    It was fun to see the other party goers’ cards (though I’m sad that I can’t always leave comments. Like so often in blogland, I found that as a self-hosting bloggers ie without a Blogger/ other OpenID account, there’s no option for me to leave a ‘name only’ comment
    :( I don’t know how to get around this!!
    Thanks for the party anyways, Rx
    Ruth S recently posted . . . CAS butterfly cardMy Profile

  3. Hi Linda. I too have created my favorites of 2012 blog post at the end of the year. Hope it is ok to link that post, if not please delete my entry.
    Happy New Year to you and the team!
    Ellie recently posted . . . Word Play Saturday 1 (January)My Profile

  4. Wonderful idea-I am so pleased I found it before the deadline. Wonderful work from the entries.

    Love Chrissie xx
    chrissie recently posted . . . Best projects I made in 2012My Profile

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