Peepster’s Gourmet Popcorn

A gourmet who thinks of calories
is like a tart who looks at her watch.  ~James Beard

Happy week before Christmas. Today’s project is a family affair – brought to you 3/4’s of the McClain family (or 3/7’s of the family if you include the dogs, who would have been happy to contribute).

Absolutely everyone is forbidden to think about calories when devouring Mr. Catered Crop’s caramel popcorn. Well, honestly, it’s so delicious, no one even dares think about the calories. We just consume!

Yeah, maybe that’s why I had a stomach ache on Monday after Mr. CC made three batches on Sunday.

Should ‘a thought about the calories.

Peepster's Popcorn

Oh, and by the way . . . My Baby Girl Caitlin calls her dad Peepster. It’s just one of the crazy McClain-isms at our house.

For 30 years – dang, a long time – Peepster’s been following a family recipe for caramel popcorn and perfecting it to a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, highly sought after delicacy. He only makes it at Christmas, and it’s worth the wait.


I’m lucky to have such an insanely talented in-house graphic artist. This year my Caitlin (Little Low Studio) gave Peepster’s gourmet popcorn an upscale, gourmet package.

Baby Girl scanned her beautiful calligraphy to digitize it. We printed her design onto some handsome woodgrain embossed paper. The rest was easy. We just cut out her tag with a circle die cut, added a gold eyelet, and tied the tag on with baker’s twine. The biggest challenge was just refraining from eating all the popcorn before we could get it into the jars. (Oh, it’s so yummy when it’s still warm, right out of the oven.)


I can’t send all you lovely readers some of Tom’s popcorn, but I do have a special treat for you. Caitlin created a digital download for you to create your own custom tags for homemade goodies.


Just click on either of these ribbons below and you’ll be able to download and print a sheet of 10 “Delicious Treats” tags.


Download pdf file

I’m forbidden to share Peepster’s popcorn recipe. Sorry about that. I tried, but it remains a family secret well hidden on an old, yellowed and stained recipe card. Here are the rest of the ingredients for our gourmet popcorn packages.

Happy Holiday baking from the McClain’s home to yours.

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  1. Snagged the tags! Thanks so much!

  2. Ya can’t share the recipe? After all that hype, those beautiful containers and wonderful tags? That’s just mean….just plain mean. Enjoy it, it looks YUMMY!!!!!!!
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