when in rome

When thou art at Rome, do as they do at Rome.
~ Miguel de Cervantes

PTI Ancient Rome Mosaics

This weekend I had the time of my life playing along with Papertrey Ink’s Stama-a-faire 2014. It was the first time in a long time that I just shut the door to the Crop Crib (my studio) and immersed myself in ink and glue and all things wonderful.

Papertrey Ink turned us all into time travelers, beginning our journey in Ancient Rome and ending in the 1980s. Each tour stop provided a little history lesson (I loved) and even a Spotify play list (I loved even more). All I needed was a toga to feel completely transported to our first stop, Ancient Rome. Lizzy Jones was our tour guide in this Papertrey Ink blog post: Exploring Ancient Rome.

Roman Mosaic

For our first card Lizzy taught us how to replicate the grecian mosaics with embossing paste. She had a brilliant idea for making our own stencils from any die cut. Just cut clear cardstock (acetate) four times and then adhere the four layers together using a Xyron creative station. Genius!

PTI Ancient Rome Mosaic

I used Dreamweaver translucent embossing paste and colored it with just one drop of re-inker (Stampin’ Up’s Blue Bayou). Because it was a translucent embossing paste, my tiles look more like marble or glass tiles than clay tiles. It captures the light in a fun way.

Here is the recipe for my cards.

Finished size: 4-1/4″ by 5-1/2″. Other ingredients: vintage buttons. Stampin’ Up! reinkers.

Next stop – the Renaissance.

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  1. wow….your cards are sooooo gorgeous. LOVE all the stamping.
    ~amy~ recently posted . . . sweet summer treats!My Profile

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