And Furthermore!

My baby, my darling I've been taking a beating.
Well all right. (Well all right.) It's okay. (It's okay).
We all get the slip sometimes every day . . .
I'll just keep it to myself In the sun, In the sun.
      ~ Zooey Deschanel lyrics, In the Sun


When I heard Zooey's song I thought of my co-workers. We investigate nursing home complaints, and with so much to do and so little time to do it, we've all been taking a beating lately.



Really! We all love what we do. Every time we visit a facility it's like opening a gift. My favorite resident is still the tiny 103 year old woman who punched out the phlebotomist. She had a real good reason, too. The phlebotomist was stealing her blood and selling it, and she just didn't have enough blood to share. That's her story, anyway.

And the nursing home employees . . . really, 99% of them are very dear people. They don't get paid much; they just love making a difference, and they do.

It's the 1%, that keep us busy.

To all my fellow investigators in Central Texas . . . I know it's hard not to throw in an occasional "and furthermore" when helping the facilities recognize their transgressions. You do what you do with grace, and I'm proud to be among you.


People who are smarter than me say a "visual triangle" on your card makes your card more appealing. The triangle creates a road map to direct your viewers' eyes to what you want them to see the most.

My card was a little top heavy. So adding the three brads to the lower right created a visual triangle to bring the eye down just a bit and put my Wendy girl in focus.


Remember the build-a-brads Stampin' Up! used to sell? You just punch a 1/2 inch circle of paper to build your own brad using the brad base and adhesive acrylic bubble in the kit. I wouldn't leave you without a buyer source: I found someone on Etsy that still has some to sell (see the link below).

I layered my build-a-brad on a red button after being inspired by this project at Creative Charms.

You know why I thought to bring out the brads, right?! Brads are our featured ingredient for this week's Catered Crop Recipe Swap. My images are from Eat Cake Graphic, this week's sponsor. It's not too late to join us.

Here are the Copic Markers, sketch and recipe I used.


I work with nurses and social workers who are passionately dedicated to keeping our seniors safe. Hugs and smooches to my fellow investigators. Stay strong! This song's for you.


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Tiddely Poms from 2011

   If you want to make a song more hummy,
   add a few tiddely poms.
      ~ Winnie the Pooh

Every year I choose a word or phrase to be my motto for the coming year. Two years ago it was "Vigor and Vim in 2010," which turned out to be a bad motto because the year had a little too much vigor. Last year, I decided to choose a slightly less ambitious motto, one of just gentle, simple joys rounded out with a fair measure of silliness. Tiddely Pom – just makes you giggle. For 2012 I'm listening to Buddha: "A single drop of water fills a bucket" and focusing on small steps toward sustainable change. Not the most sexy motto, but Buddha will be proud.

Another Catered Crop tradition is my annual review of some of my favorite projects. If you click on any of the pictures, it will take you to the original post for all the details. So here's my review of the Tiddely Poms from 2011.

January – One More Cookie Puhlease! Any card that honors the cookie has to be great, right?! I had fun embroidering felt cookies to go with the card.


February – Dog Gone It. I made this to send to my daughter while she was in Costa Rica. My scheme was to make her miss her puppy back home and hurry back to us. Just bein' a Mom, ya know.

Maryse Carrier Thinking of You


March – Be My Baby Bumble Bee. I had a blast with this one. The card included a detachable hair clip, bookmark, luggage tag, and embellished clip. This is one of my favorite Claire Keay images, so I used it more than once in 2011.


April – Oh Boy Animal Magnetism. I love that these bottle caps can be removed from the card and do double time as refrigerator magnets. They're udderly perfect for showing off pictures and creations from the little guys.

DeNami Design Farm Animals

May – Western Swinging Paper Purses. I took one of Becky Robert's fabulous Tres Chic handbag tutorials and turned it into a tooled leather saddlebag. It was my version of Western Swing.


June – Proper Kitchen Attire. This embellished kitchen soap bottle, thank you card and decorated clothespin won me my first gig as a guest designer with My Favorite Things. The honor of hanging out with that amazing design team for a month makes this definitely one of my favs for 2011.


July – Perfect Pinwheels. Cupcakes and pinwheels . . . need I say more?


August – Beachy Keen. I had as much fun writing the blog post as I did making the card. For this card I came up with the top ten most embarrassing parent moments in honor of my Dad's black socks with shorts.


September – Bargain Hunting. This crazy busy card paid homage to all the sights and sounds of one of America's oldest and largest flea markets.


October – A Cup of Tea. I just love how the colors and patterns came together for this little window card. It was fun to make.


November – Rhinestone Cowgirls. It was a blast to partner with my daughter for this  card. She designed the sentiment so I could offer it as a free download. And, check out that paper boot – Texas stylin'.

Cowboy Paper Boot


December – Vintage Popcorn. All my fun antique treasuring hunting in 2011 paid off with these vintage jello molds. They were perfect for giving popcorn balls.


I hope you've enjoyed Catered Crop 2011 revisited. It's always an adventure for me to do this because I get to see how my craft has evolved (or not) over the year.

If you're a blogger, there are several parties this weekend to link up your favorite top ten: Karin Martin's A Year in Review Blog Hop; Kellie Winnell's Top 10 Crafty Creations for 2011; Operation Write Home's Top Ten Hop; and this fun thread at Splitcoast Stampers, Your Own Favorites of 2011.

If you do write a year in review, please be sure to leave me a comment so I can follow along. Of course, don't forget to link up your favorite 2011 Holiday Card with us here at the Catered Crop Recipe Swap.

I'm looking forward to seeing all your creations in 2012. I have all kinds of craziness planned so hang on, we're just getting warm.


He Does Exist

  I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six.
   Mother took me to see him in a department store
  and he asked for my autograph.
       ~ Shirley Temple

Amanda Saw Santa Claus


Well, I don't know about you, but I for one, still believe in Santa Claus.

I even saw a package he had delivered to the house yesterday with my name on it. Apparently, he's planning ahead to spare the reindeer on Christmas eve.

I told Santa I really just wanted crafting toys this Christmas. He told me his elves didn't know the first thing about paper craft toys. So, he asked me to go online, fill up a shopping cart at one of my favorite shops, and then send him the link to the shopping cart. He said he'd pick and choose from the things in my shopping cart so I could still be surprised.

So I did. I even filled in a special promotion code so Santa could get a good deal.

Apparently I was on Santa's "Nice List," because the jolly man sent off my order.

Then, he changed my password on the site so I wouldn't be able to see the pending order and its status. And then, he got really maniacal. He changed the e-mail address I previously assigned to the site so I couldn't ask for a password reset.

Of course, you know why I know all this. Because I tried to steal a peek at the order!

That Santa is one sneaky dude!


Amanda Saw Santa Claus Card



That adorable stamp is from Eat Cake Graphics, called Amanda Saw Santa Claus. Freakin' cute, right? Amanda and her bear are colored with Copic Markers. Her pajamas are paper pieced from Cosmo Cricket paper, and her cheeks are blushed with Sampin' Up! Stampin Pastels.

Here's the rest of the recipe.