Cuddly New Year

Each age has deemed the new-born year
The fittest time for festal cheer.
~Walter Scott

Cuddles Valentine Bunny

Happy 2014 everyone! This year’s going to be great – I can feel it in my bones. And, I’m so tickled to be able to start the New Year with the gang at Your Next Stamp.

Your Next Stamp Blog Hop

Welcome to the Your Next Stamp (YNS) New Year’s New Release Hop!! It’s not just the start of a New Year, it’s also Angel Rivera’s birthday. Happy Birthday Angel!

YNS Cuddles

The party begins on Angel’s blog and guess what?! YNS will be giving away ten digital stamps from all of the blog comments! Winners will be announced on January 4th on the YNS Blog.

Here’s your blog hop map. Have fun visiting all these talented ladies.

How stinkin’ freakin’ cute is this little Valentine bunny? He’s called Cuddles and he’s one of the newest digital stamps by Penny and Laurence of Omnia Designs!!  (You can find all the YNS digital stamps, including this cutie here.) Cuddle Bunny  

Tips & Techniques

I’m kind of addicted to these Wobble Action Springs now. I couldn’t resist making the bunny hop by putting a spring under the oval that holds him. I printed him onto Neenah card stock, colored him (with Copic E41 and E42 pens), and paper pieced the big cuddly heart. Here are all the products I used. Have fun hopping everyone. Now off you go to see what Ruza has for you. 



























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